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Exclamation What's your favourite Tomb Raider weapon?

Mine's the Vector R35s from Angel of Darkness. They're like the HKs from the Angie movies but smaller and grey-toned and they just look so damn good. I was so excited picking up a second one in the Louvre!.. but it turns out there was no non-hacking way to use them together

Honorable mentions:

The crossbow with explosive ammo from TR4. All the explosive power of the grenade launcher with quick firing seemed way more powerful than any weapon before it.

The automatic pistols from TR2 because they sound cool

The axe from the Survivor trilogy because I love the usefulness of it in non-combat situations as well
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The dual pistols are always iconic.

As far as my favorite though, the shotgun in TR2 is...*chef's kiss* in terms of coming in handy, along with the M16 and Uzis.

For my TR2 NLNM runs literally every weapon is incredibly useful, even the harpoon.
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TR2's M16 is very nice. Really enjoyed using them on the Tibet levels.
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Rocket Launcher from TR3. I had so much fun with it as a kid.

Also the Desert Eagle.
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Desert Eagle (TRIII) is probably one of the most satisfying weapons to use in the series. The sound it makes when shooting it, the way Lara carries it, and how quickly it disposes of most enemies.

My personal favorite is the Shotgun though. A reliable weapon to use in both the beginning parts and ending parts in any game it appears in.

Uzis are another iconic weapon as well. Definitely one of the best weapons to use in acrobatics combat. Although they are really only useful in the first two games though. You don't get enough ammo for the TRIII Uzis and there are better choices than the Uzis in TRIV.

The Bow is a pretty fun weapon to use albeit a little bit overused. I wouldn't mind it returning in future TR games as long as there's no platforming or puzzles involved with them.
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Los Angeles
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Uzis, M16 and Desert Eagle or Revolver.
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The Half Life 2 Pistol, the Heckler and Koch USP Match

IMI Uzis from Underworld are a close second though
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The Uzis have always been my favourite, there's something nostalgic about the sound effects used in the classic games. Plus Lara looks badass with them.

Desert Eagle (TR III/Chronicles)

It's insanely OP. I always enjoy using it when I revisit TR III & Chronicles. It's up there with the Uzis for me.
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Dual H&K USP Match
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i love the m16 from TRII. it's just really nice and i love the range. a good shooting noise too
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