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Yuna´s Wish
Tomb Raider
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Character: Pisco the dead.

Game: Patolli of the Tribe Raider.

Genre: Patolli simulator.

Key features:
* Play as Pisco and experience Patolli like you've never had before.
* You can also play as Takiy, but he's an unlockable.
* It takes place after Shadow, so it's not restricted to Paititi. You can travel by llama to Kuwaq Yaku and San Juan.
* Challenge Patolli players scattered in all Peru. Sometimes, you have to teach them how to play first.

PS5 (timed) exclusive.
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They should make Winston Simulator, where you play as Winston on a quest to get the damn tea for Lara. Winston will face a lot of obstacles through the game such as being locked in the meat freezer, keeping up with Lara's speed, being shot at and his poor hunched back aswell.
I apologize in advance.
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Relic Hunter
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Would like to play as Bartoli in Dragon form.
Fighting against Lara
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Los Angeles
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Kurtis fighting demons in a Supernatural-style spin off game.
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It's funny how Janice is all over the forums. I'd pick kurtis in some action heavy supernatural adventure just like Los Angeles said.
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Uzi master
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A NSFW visual novel game starring Larson and Pierre.

And of course a Janice anthology, spanning multiple genres.
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Amanda. Oooh the fun we could have with an acrobatic woman carrying a wraithstone.
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Grizzly Bear
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Originally Posted by Ashnod View Post
Amanda. Oooh the fun we could have with an acrobatic woman carrying a wraithstone.
I approve!

Amanda was the best secondary character we've had in Tomb Raider so far!
(I think Underworld didn't really made her justice, though, she deserved a better story arc).

Actually I'd love if they reimagine Amanda in the Reboot era post Shadow.

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Tomb Raider
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Had the tomb raider 1 remake been released id have loved to have seen a DLC playable from Pierre's perspective.

I also think Amanda was a missed opportunity. I think she should have had playable DLC in underworld showing flashbacks to how she found Natla, how she escaped Peru, how she fought off the yeti/Eitr monsters and got to Laura via alternate means - it could have essentially been the doppelganger DLC but with Amanda.
... in my opinion.

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The Trex in TR1
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