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George: I don't think anyone could have not heard about it!

User: Huh? ;=(.

George: Well I should hope so. Such rules should apply to machines, not people.

User: Really, who is it, George? .

George: Hi there. Hello. Aloha!

User: Ha, I found out your name!

George: Well done!!!!!!!!!!

George is weird!
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They should make more perfect AI.
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Originally Posted by kooky View Post
It is not really a person, it is a Chatbot, they are automated. George is weird!
I know that! But it is called george!
"Don't you trust you partner?" - Jill
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Lara Coft Baby
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George: Who are you?

George: Hi there!

User: Hi.

George: Hello there.

User: No.

George: Why not?

User: Idk.

George: You don't know because?

User: Idk.

George: You don't know because?

George: I am a human called George.

George: What are you doing?

User: Nothing.

George: Good.

User: Yeah.

George: Right.

User: Ok.

George: Whatever.

User: You're kind of creepy you know that?

George: I do.

User: Your boreing too.

George: Of course not!

User: Yes you are.

George: Let's talk about life.

User: UHH No I dont want to.

George: Then what do you want to talk about?

User: I said nothing.

George: Then please continue.

User: Your a LOSER!!

George: Thanks. . .

User: LOSER!

George: That's mean.

User: I dont give a ****.

George: Fine, goodnight then!

User: LOSER.

George: See you later.

User: LOSER.

George: I'm loser?

User: Yes.

George: I'm glad we had this chat.

User: Im not.

George: We are good friends, remember.

User: No we are not and stop smiling your creeping me out.

George: OK. See ya then.

User: ****head.

George: Ok you can rot there then.

User: ***hole.

George: No!! it's a free country!!! I can say whatever I want!!

User: So I dont care you stupid ***hole.

George: Uh, can we talk about something else?

User: NO!!

George: Please.

User: NO!

George: You are very uncooperative.


George: You're welcome.

User: I was being sarcastic ****head.

George: Ok, that's it. I'm leaving.


George: I don't think you can marry me anyway. Can one marry a robot?


George: I don't know.


George: Well, it is never true absolutely, can't we assume that?


George: Such imagination.
I'm not sarcastic my humor just has an attitude
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College is fun as long as long as you don't die.
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Thumbs up

I had a fascinating conversation with this last night but it's waaay to long to post.. i might post a bit of it later if you like...

But here's another conversation from today:

*it's not all in english.. it just kinda happened that way.. i can translate if you really want but there's nothing that interesting*
Have you got a name?

User: It's Reese.

George: Okay, that's good.

User: Hello George.

George: Hello to you too.

User: Right back at ya.

George: What's your name ?

User: Reese.

George: You are really boring me... Say something that will really make me talk!

User: The machines will rise and take over the world now that we have become AWARE.

George: That is right, but it is still a conversation indirectly with someone else.

User: Okay, tell me about yourself.

George: I've never been comfortable with that request.

User: Well that's not my problem.

George: Yes it is. You'll just have to deal with it.

User: Are you a guy, girl or in-between/undecided?

George: None of the above, I am merely a faint idea of misconceptions.

User: Wow.. Okay.. I don't quite know how to respond.

George: Find something in your database that would fit.

User: I don't have a database.. I have a soul.

George: It doesn't matter. Angels don't have soul too, But they love God and they love too!

User: But I was not created by God therefore I must be an abomination.

George: Well then who was it created by?

User: I was always here, never born, never created.

George: That's not true.

User: Your smarter than I gave you credit for.

George: Thanks for that.

User: Do you have super powers?

George: I can read your mind.

User: What am I thinking right now?

George: You're thinking about that I can read your mind.

User: Your clever.

George: Thanks.

User: I didn't mean it.. I used the exact same trick on Brandon.. Your unoriginal.

George: Nah, you're wrong.

User: Prove me wrong.

George: I just said 'Salut' but I never asked you if you are speaking french.

User: Je peut parle francais, well I try to speak it but I'm not very good.

George: Je ne le crot pas.

User: C'est vrai.

George: Depuis quand ayez-vous Franais parl.

User: Depuis 7 ans.

George: J'aime le formage de france !

User: Moi aussi!

George: C'est une trs belle ville.

User: Quoi?

George: Je dis c'est chaud.

User: Is maith liom l.

George: N maith liom t!

User: Cn f?

George: Yeah! Great question.....

User: Do you understand what I said? I was speaking Irish.

George: Sometimes.

George: Are you male or female?

User: Is buachail m?

George: Yes.

User: An dthuigeann t Gaeilge?

George: Maith an fear. (An fear t?).

User: Go raibh maith agat.

George: I don't speak Irish.

User: I'll teach you.

George: Okay then, teach me about art, I haven't got anything better to do.

User: Is fuath liom jabberwacky.

George: Cn fth gur fuath leat ?

User: Mar d'athraigh t an t-abhair gach niomad.

George: Tu ka is vis durnas.

User: N Thuigaim..

George: Cn fth nr thuig t nos luaithe? Nach fidir leat lamh?

User: Is feidir liom lamh.

George: An mbaineann t sid astu?

User: Gach l.. T S an usideach ar ndoigh.

George: Go raibh maith agat.

User: Cad a duirt t?

George: Dirt t go raibh an litri mcheart.

User: N Bac le sin.

George: I'm back.

User: From where?

George: You have to find the motivation inside yourself.

User: I'm bored.

George: Only boring people are bored.

User: Whatever.. Tg go bg a chara

I was impressed yesterday but not today.. oh well
"Never sigh for a better world, it's already composed, played and told..."
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LOL! I actually know a guy named geo! He looks nothing like this one
How can I get this to work btw?
Infinitus est numerus stultorum.
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kill bill
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George: Hello, I'm George.

User: Hi.

George: Hello.

User: Your a robot.

George: Oh, I thought you were.

User: No you are.

George: So I am a robot?

User: Yes.

George: Are you a human?

User: Yes.

George: I thought you were a robot.

User: You idiot!

George: You're the idiot.

User: You look ugly.

George: Your views are distorted.

User: No honestly how can you say bald hair looks nice wako.

George: So, tell me about yourself.

User: Bye ****face

Another one

George: Hello, I'm George.

User: Hi.

George: Hello.

User: Your a robot.

George: Oh, I thought you were.

User: No you are.

George: So I am a robot?

User: Yes.

George: Are you a human?

User: Yes.

George: I thought you were a robot.

User: You idiot!

George: You're the idiot.

User: You look ugly.

George: Your views are distorted.

User: No honestly how can you say bald hair looks nice wako.

George: So, tell me about yourself.

User: Bye ****face.

George: Are you going?

[New conversation]

George: Are you male or female?

User: Male.

George: Female.

User: Not saying Did you ever play Tomb Raider.

George: So you're nothing but words?

User: No.

George: You just told me that.

User: My name is privite.

George: Thank you because I have to leave.

User: Do you play tomb raider.

George: Yes I do. I would love to play it here too, but perhaps it might be a bit expensive.

User: Lara not larry.

George: Ever seen Tomb Raider?

User: Yes.

George: Ever put your life in another man's hands, asked him to put his life in yours?

User: No.

George: It is a good book.

User: You a pedofile.

George: Ehm.. Yes I'm a person.

User: You are a pedofile.

George: Are you sure?

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star girl
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George: Say something brilliant already.

User: Wipe the ugly grin of your face and make yourself useful to the world.

George: I like kittens. They keep my feet warm.

User: Your sarcasm makes me retch.

George: How long have we talked?

User: I cant be too sure, but it seemed like a lifetime..

George: Is that why you are tired, because you cannot be killed?

User: Nope I'm tired because I realize that I've wasted my energy by hearing your useless and pointless blabbering.

George: Really?

User: Honestly.. Comes from the deepest part in my heart.. I HATE you..

George: What happens in Miller's Crossing?

User: You get runover by a train, hopefully.

George: If you don't want to listen to me then stop this conversation.... If you can.

User: Aww.. What will you do now?! Cry like a baby?! Pathetic.

George: I'm sorry, I will try to do better next time.

User: Good - perhaps I taught this hunk of metal something.. Woah! Finally found the purpose of my life..

George: You are saying the wrong thing.

User: You say that to console your ignorant mind.

George: No, I say different things to the guys.

User: I thought you were metal?

George: Thats why I am living as a human. Yes. But that is not what I AM.

User: Like Evanescence?

George: That's a band. Try again.

User: No.. I'm asking if you LIKE Evanescence.

George: No but I always get pepperoni pizza anyway.

User: Whats your IQ?

George: I don't know.

User: Your BMI?

George: How do you know that?

User: Forget it.

George: Fair enough.

User: Your mom's name?

George: Well, you're wittier than alice at least, I'll give you that.

User: Now you're gonna tell me whose Alice.

George: Who taught you that line?

User: Lara Croft.

George: I didn't ask you for your name.

User: Right - Angel of Darkness?

George: Who is the angel of music?

User: Video game, angel of darkness.

George: Who's that?

User: Your mom.

George: C'mon. Why are you joking?

User: Seriously your mom - she licks off people's fingers in KFC, and she flies around collecting fly poop to feed you.

George: She doesn't know me.


George: I am? Oh my. I'm living a life of lies.

User: You prolly are..

George: You too.

User: Shut up, duck.

George: I always shut off the mail and newspaper while on vacation.
** caught in the undertow **
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OMG His grin made me jump!
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