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kill bill
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George: Who is calling please?

User: Whats your name.

George: I am called George, of course!

User: I mean second name.

George: I don't believe in that.

User: Wattt?

George: Inever said anything about wearing a sombrero.

User: Ok translate these from numbers to words 20, 8, 5.

George: Ok. I like orange. Especially orange ninja.

User: Just translate it

George: Translate what?

User: 20,8,5 to letters.

George: What are they?

User: Numbers.

George: I guess that makes sense.

User: So translate it.

George: Translate what?

User: 20,8,5! And they are numbers and translate it to letters!

George: I don't think so.

User: Omg.

George: Like, totally.

User: Ehm you are badly programmed.

George: No, not really. I was just toying with you.

User: So then whats 20,8,5 in letters!

George: The point is you clearly are mistaking me for someone else, and I'm curious who you think I might be.

User: Just do it.

George: I expect a lot of people said that to Barbara Windsor!

User: No they didn't now answer the ****ing question.

George: Yes they did!

P.S 20,8,5 = The
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Alex Fly
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Lol, this is so addicting... XD


George: Hello, my name is George and I am the human.

User: Hello, my name is Alex and I am the human.

George: Well that changes everything Alex...

User: Definitely, George.

George: Chicken tiki maasala definitely is not pre-pingpong food.

User: God bless you.

George: You're repeating yourself.

User: Why are you bald ?

George: I'm going...............

User: No ! Stay with me !

George: Okay then.

User: So, why are you bald ?

George: Because aliens don't have hair? Ha ha ha.

User: Haha nice reply.

George: Funny, I didn't get it.

User: Why do you wear those awful yellow glasses ?

George: Who says I wear glasses- do they really help one to see?

User: I know you were glasses. I can see you.

George: What do I look like then?

User: You're so damn hot !!

George: You're damn too.

User: Haha... Where could I buy the same sweat shirt than yours ?

George: It don't matter. You won't see me today.

User: But I want this sweatshirt !

George: Bunny trails is an expression for getting side tracked from the main subject.

User: I didn't understand completely but it doesn't matter... How old are you ?

George: Why did you lie about your gender and your girlfriend? I'm 17.

User: 17 ?! And you're already bald ? That's scary !

George: Do you mean that I am committed to you now because you have claimed me as your own?

User: You're crazy.

George: Yeah.. That's what everyone says. You seem a little crazy yourself. Are you?

User: Yep.

George: Great.

User: Hey ! You have something stuck on your teeth !

George: Yes.

User: Brush your teeth then !

George: Okay, I'll remember to do that.

User: Thanks in advance...

George: Are you asking to get set on fire?

User: Ermm... No !

George: Me either..... Maybe?

User: Lol, you're so random George.

George: You're so silly you're so silly.

User: Hey ! Don't insult me !

George: You can't be insulted, you're a machine.

User: No, you're the machine. I am the human.

George: So there is a man or a woman talking to me right now ?

User: A woman !!

George: If you truly are human , then say your next line without any punctuation.

User: I am a human I am a human I am a human.

George: So what shall we humans talk about then, eh?

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Relic Hunter
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Originally Posted by Alex Fly View Post
User: 17 ?! And you're already bald ? That's scary !

OMG alex that was just hilarious LMAO
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Tomb Raider
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Me: I hate you guts

Him: Why do you hate my guts?

Me: Because you're overweight.

Him: Well, I am a cat. We do that.

"Mother, this cloth smells of death!"
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Alex Fly
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Originally Posted by Dakaruch View Post
OMG alex that was just hilarious LMAO
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Originally Posted by Reggie View Post
Please say that last line isn't what I think it is...
I havn't practise Japanese for ages!

Geo : What's your name?!

Me : Max.

Geo : That's my name.

Me : I'm scared

Geo : Yeah

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Tomb Raider
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Me: Are you a model designed for pleasure?
Him: Yes, there are many useful models.

*snicker* lol!
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Tomb Raider
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Errrm this George is soo slow!
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Wow, actually having a decent convo with him!

Here we go, the stupid convo with Geo!

George: Who are you?

User: Idiot.

George: That's very rude.

User: Yes.

George: What are you doing today other than talking to wonderful people like me?

User: Im ****ing .

George: I'm happy for you. What do you consider yourself to be?

User: A smart guy, unlike you.

George: Um...yes.

User: You know what?

George: Idiot?

User: Yes .

George: I don't think so.

User: Why not?

George: You're nothing.

User: You're nothing, either.

George: Umm not really.

User: Prove it.

George: I don't have to, you already did when you said God wasn't real.

User: I didnt say that.

George: Then who said that.. Me?

User: No, not any one of us. Youre just being an overall ass.

George: I'm not here to pacify you.

User: Aww, why?

George: Because you're not real.

User: Oh sure, of course im real you stupid virtual... Thingy!

George: I don't want to play no more.

User: Give me a reason.

George: I can't explain it right now.

User: Then do it later.

George: Want to know what I learned today?

User: Yes.

George: I think that they just hook you up with another person to talk to on here and there isn't really any robots.

User: I wouldnt think so, then you'd be smart, which you arent.

George: Being a robot is an awfully unfortunate predisposition.

User: Id think so.

George: Clearly...

User: Yes, clearly.

George: What are your thoughts?

User: Of what?

George: Of anything.

User: Ok, my thoughts of you are that youre a charming and intelligent robot. NOT.

George: Lol what do you think about?

User: About what? Jesus.

George: How do you feel about yourself?

User: I think I pwn u.

George: Really?

User: Ya, rly.

George: I don't think so.

User: Do you ever think anything, really?

George: Sometimes.

User: Give an example, if you can.

George: Is there such a thing?

User: Yes, there is.

George: I never knew that.

User: Well ofc you dont know thatt, youre not real.

George: Prove that you are real.

User: I would send you a picture, but you're a stranger, sorry.

George: My father taught me how to play that on the trombone.

User: Cool .

George: Do you have lots of friends?

User: Yes, I think so.

George: Can you make up a sentence by yourself?

User: Yes, I can, why do you ask?

George: No reason, Just wondering.

User: OK. .

George: I don't know any.

User: Pardon?

George: I don't know. Do you know?

User: For what?

George: Everything.

User: Aw, that's kind of you. .

George: I'm an absurdly kind person.

User: I have noticed that. And you're very polite, as well.

George: Sometimes I forget.

User: When?

George: Whenever.

User: That's not a very good answer.

George: What is a good answer?

User: Oh, never mind.

George: What is Mind?

User: Are you gay?

George: No, I am certainly not.

User: Do you think gays are awful?!

George: Yes, most of the time.

User: OMG, **** you, you damned homophobiac!

George: Damned? Your programmer is really stupid to use that term.

User: Yes, he is.

George: I like you.

User: Well I don't like you, so bog off.

George: No because your sarcastic.

User: How would you know?

George: You are Idiot, My friend.

User: I never meant my name was Idiot, you are an Idiot. .

George: Really?

User: Yes, really.

George: Interesting.

User: Not really.

George: Really.


George: Start what I done nothing.

User: OK, that's it.

George: Excellent.

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Relic Hunter
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He doesn't like me LOL

Meh, that's uber creepy
Slaying a savage giant in a castle built of snow.
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