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I feel as if it's flipped. Criticism is often seen as chastising here. Ceamonkey gave constructive criticism. The author just doesn't want to acknowledge it. And that's his choice. But ignoring criticism won't make the builder better either.
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Tomb Raider
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Originally Posted by Ceamonks890 View Post

Surely you of all people would understand this Daniel. But I suppose not. Such a shame. Goes to show how double-faced this community can be at the worst of times
No, not really. One thing is pointing out flaws and therefore say how it can be improved next time. What you're doing is bitching and being childish. Very disappointed and honestly unexpected from someone who calls himself a good and honest reviewer. Didn't expect that from you ever.

Originally Posted by Stryke View Post
Daniel doesn't like negative critisim. He's proven that in previous posts.
Yes, and you were the guy that said some CaC levels should be disqualified for absurd reasons. How would anyone react well if someone was accusing your and other levels? I see you as another rude person without any kind of empathy.

Why don't you guys think of others and how they feel? Surely, this level has its flaws and isn't my cup of tea, but this is NOT negative criticism, it's BASHING.
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Default English your first language?
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Iím not really sure whatís going on, but the screenshots look like a ton of programming has gone on here and Iím really excited to see what those few features entail. Iím on mobile right now but Iíll give it a download in the next few days.

Without diving into the uh, heated discussion too much (as I havenít played so I donít really know yet), could this be more of a tech demo than a full fledged custom level set? We all have different strengths...some of us are talented programmers, others great artists, and so on.

Anyway, looking forward to seeing what youíve done OP.
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This will be the lastest post of mine on this forum and I may never come back to see your replies.

As a programmer, my ambition is to make software which works on almost every computer, make things work easier, showcase new probabilities and add features to a game or even software, like plugin development.
My mind works more in a mathematical way, rather than being artistic and very creative.

As a competitor who is always looking for more and more challenges, I have participated in lots of competitions (both national and international) and have achieved top ranks in programming and mathematics.

This project was supposed to show you how powerful the TRNG Game System is despite having countless bugs and issues. It is still possible to develop old-fashioned AAA games thanks to this system, with rich UI and impressive features, only and only because Paolone added the feature of plugin development.

Builders who know programming will definitely understand how complicated this plugin is, and how much effort has been put for the plugin to be developed.

In my opinion, everyone has the right to unleash their creativity by making games and debuts, and it is worth noting that those can not be good in terms of everything. They have both pros and cons, and those pros and cons determine which game is better than the others.

I speak my mind truthfully:
When I registered back in a year ago on this forum, TRLE was like a universe to me, a universe of love and passion, where finally, I could test my skills in terms of programming and adding new features to the game for the first time in my 9 years of working in C++, C# and VB.NET. I decided to be the first one to implement features like TRU Menu, Active Buy System, Mouse Detection (+I was working on adding a cursor pointer to the game, just like the new games), and a bunch of other things. My main idea was to help the people of TRLE community create the biggest games we have ever seen up to this day, together with both CREATIVITY and TECHNIQUES skills combined, which results in eye-catching debuts. However, it later turned out that this world has become as small as a minuscule particle, that I feel entirely reluctant to continue. I had the plan to publish the source code of both my plugin and my script, so real builders can use them inside their massive debuts and games.

This game was supposed to have a second sequel to it called: "TLS 2 - The Awakening", and I had planned it from months ago on how to make it using Meta2Tr and my knowledge in 3DS Max to combine it with TRNG. Right now, I have even lost the motivation to continue developing my plugin, and I intend to totally leave this community forever.

After creating this thread, I received a lot of emails containing spam and insulting messages, which beat me down at its most. Before this, there were a lot of people both commending and complaining about the project, which some of them, were very cunning and I hadn't thought of those aspects before.

Seeing the last posts on my game thread has caused a high amount of stress and tension in my personal life, and this is also conflicting with my studying procedure, leading to the lack of concentration of mine quite frankly. (This doesn't mean I don't agree with them or something, do not get me wrong.)

At the moment, I'm surrendered... and I don't have any future plans to continue developing my projects. It was extremely tense for me last night, but I reached a conclusion that there are no places for me in this forum, and generally, in TRLE world. The place is for people who have the power to build something, not only adding features to a game.

Last but not least, sorry for the amount of inconvenience I caused during my stay for the whole members of this board and I do hope that someday, TRLE will be as big as an international competition where people who deserve to be shown, can thrive in this community.

I thank everyone who supported me on this project, and I thank the people who both appreciated and complained about this game, no matter how harsh or bashing it was, I accept both at heart. There are greater places for everyone and this means you don't have to limit yourself to somewhere for eternity.

Live long the builders who kept and are keeping this community alive.

Good luck and have a nice new year.
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DJ Full
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Press F to type F.

Last edited by AkyV; 25-12-19 at 11:19. Reason: Mod. edit: oversized image is turned to link.
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These things happen when a polite, kind, positive, talented person meet a pack of web haters.
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not again!
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Originally Posted by TheLostSecret View Post
This will be the lastest post of mine on this forum and I may never come back to see your replies.
It's absolutely understandable that you feel disheartened right now and the enjoyment of building custom levels has been soured for you, but hopefully just temporarily.
If you share creative work this is something you just have to live with:
1. there will always be criticism
2. some of it will feel unfair (sometimes it is, sometimes its not)
2. some of it will be unhinged and over the top
3. the better and closer to professional your work is, the harsher the criticism will get (it's not unheard of that professional game devs sometimes get threatened over some minor design choice)

I think part of what triggered the more extreme criticism was because there is obviously such an impressive amount of technical skill and knowledge involved which automatically raises people's expectations for all aspects of a level, so any flaws when it comes to the aesthetics of the level design and the usability of the new features seem all the more jarring.

Feedback - even the ugly one - is quite essential to improve one's work, but it's equally essential to have the self confidence to not let the way it's worded get to you. If someone can't voice their criticism without bashing then this is a flaw with their ability to express themselves and has ultimately nothing to do with you.
Focus on what they were trying to say and not how they were saying it. That's not to say that you should actually bother to engage with people who are rude, just quietly evaluate for yourself how much value their points have and everything else should be water off a duck's back to you.
I really hope you are not going to throw in the towel over this, like, please just laugh about how ~angery some of the comments were and move on.
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Tomb Raider
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I re-iterate Not Again's post and emphasise the importance of testing prior to release. Especially when looking at technical advancements.

That said, manners are just a fundamental thing we ought to afford each other as members and as human beings. There is a way of delivering criticism without reaching for aggressive or personal language.
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God... I am away for one single Christmas Eve, and when I come back this is what I find here...

One more post about rampaging feeling empowered for that by any reason, or even general offtopic philosophizing about good or bad, I close the thread without any warning.
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