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Discovering that Mehrbod's left the community for good, I'm sorry to learn it came to this after taking some time to calm down and reflect on my actions. I had no part in these personal email responses for the record, so no need to actively punish me for that.

I still stand by a lot of what I previously stated however. Could I have perhaps worded it all better? Of course. But to get personally insulted in a childish, foul-mouthed fashion by Teone and called an idiot via DMs for something he's apparently above stooping to is simply unwarranted and disgusting. And for what? Merely expressing one's honest and admittedly controversial thoughts on a heavily flawed project, which could have been handled in a better designed, more original way then it ultimately ended up in? No, nothing justifies this low of a response.

At the end of the day, nothing I say will undo what's occurred today nor will any prior connections I've made over the years be repaired after what's transpired. And quite frankly, I don't deserve them back or your sympathy (especially when I've been attempted to be coerced into or taken advantage of by others I once considered friends or even acquaintances). Because really, this has ultimately been the gradual result of much inherent frustrations with how the general systems of the TRLE community have been managed and its outright refusal to adapt to differing methods and standards or genuine criticism.

This is the final straw for me. I'm completely done with this community myself and I wish I'd done it sooner. Many of you will probably be glad I'm gone after all this. Some of ya may end up even being sad to lose another fellow raider to the general toxicity of the entire TRLE community. But I can't continue to be an active participant of such a double-sided group that comes off so revoltingly manipulative and hypocritical when called out accordingly.

So good bye and please do not harass me any further. I'm well-aware the damage is already done. No need to beat a dead horse over it.
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Tomb Raider
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Sorry you feel that way Jake. Nothing personal on my part. Happy Christmas, hopefully you will reconsider your position in time.
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Originally Posted by TheLostSecret View Post
Hey Mehrbod sorry if my last post was an insult.

I completely understand you. I want to become a progrommer too (well, Computing scientist) and I’ve done some very basic programming in school (visual basic) and I am not creative too so I would be best at implementing technical things too but in design being bad too (I’m bad at drawing anyway)

Why not start of as creating in making plugins or help with Tr5main and then progressively learn about trle design? Obviously that’s what I thought but you don’t have to.

I hope you will make a return some day

@Ceamonks Yeah I understand you but you can’t make everybody happy I guess. Every community has it’s own ,groups’ and nothing can be done about it.

Kind of sucks that the discussion happened in christmas but let’s forget and enjoy our christmas
Chronicles Lara: "Whatever"

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I recently received lots of my fans on Youtube said that they really want me to make video for your levels, which means your level did earn lots of anticipation.

Seriously I don't really think it's bad. You did give me lots of freshness.

Sorry to hear what you've been through.
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I enjoyed this game very much! It's similar to TR4 in many parts but also different. It's not a difficult game, except for the timed run in the Temple of Fire and the Final Battle against Seth.
Anyway, it's very long and it requires some dedication, also because some players struggle to digest new features and they could decide to give up.

The plugin is very powerful, I'm impressed and I like almost all the new features: the difficulty choice, the trophies, the money, the purchasing feature, the unlocking bonus.

I already told to Mehrbod that a "Load Game" button in the main menu is really needed because it's not always convenient to start from checkpoints.

The only feature I like less is Lara who stays hanged without holding the action key (like in LAU).
I'd prefer to have the possibility of enabling/disabling that option, more because it's a script-trick (as Mehrbod explained in this post) with an annoying inconvenience: you can't save while Lara is in that position.

Another thought: This plugin is surely suitable for very big projects and multilevel games. It could be a good menu for a BtB competition (I had this fantasy).
Instead, small projects (1-2 levels) probably don't need all these features.

In the end, a big THANK YOU, Mehrbod, for your support when I was stuck and for all the answers to my curiosities.
You are a very kind person and your programming skills are impressive.
I hope this community knows how to reap the benefits of your work.

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I can't get the game to run. I'm getting errors about missing files, then the splash screen appears for a moment before closing completely. Maybe I just need to reinstall.
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Originally Posted by Kapu View Post
I'm getting errors about missing files
Which files? Can you be more specific?
Remember that you have to use the launcher to run the game or it won't work.
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