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What's the music in the video? Would it be just some random piece they chose from somewhere?
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So expensive

I don't really like her face, she looks mean. I don't see reboot Lara at all in this
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I do not think that this is expensive, very well crafted.
Okay, that's all folks!
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Soma Holiday
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I think it's super neat they are making them made to order, so there will never be a surplus of them. Wonder if that will drive the price up or down for them later.

It's definitely expensive I was hoping 1200. I wasnt going to order it but the made to order thing made me go ahead and get it. I won't be ordering them if they get anymore expensive though. The statue game it getting to be a rich only hobby.
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I've always said 'always grab merchandise when you can', especially special anniversary merch. Look at the TR Archives, look at Meagan's book, look at SDCC event merch. The price will always inflate.

It's gorgeous, I really like Lara's face...

But I don't even earn that in a month. I just hope that those who buy it have / will get good home insurance.

I don't know if it is usual practise, but I wouldn't even consider putting down money until the shipping and taxes cost has been calculated. For an item of that size and worth, it surely would be very, very well packed, tracked and with a special sort of delivery. You could be paying another couple of hundred pounds for shipping alone. And for an item that has a limited preorder window, that's unfair.

I hope though that Weta announce the limited number; would be interesting to know. This alone has already increased its value.

I'm not sure what Square Enix (if it were them) were thinking when they commissioned an item of such value when for the past year and more, people have been put off work, have had wages reduced or wages stopped entirely. All I've seen on social media is majoritively 'I can't afford this'. When this is people on the main Tomb Raider socials, was this item even targeted towards TR fans? The statue might feature Lara and have a TR scene, but a large chunk of the fanbase can't afford this!! But this could also be the case of a minority with a loud voice.

Gosh, I'm disappointed. I mean I knew that it was going to be expensive, but I thought that if it was the same as the SotTR statue (which I didn't purchase as I didn't like that price), I would have actually considered it, mainly because it was the 25th anniversary statue. But so far, this whole anniversary 'year' - I know it's only been a few months - hasn't done anything for me. I don't own any subscriptions, no Netflix, no PSN, no Gamepass, so I haven't/ won't be participating in the Anime or the Fortnite and upcoming crossovers. And I don't see why I should have to pay for such stuff in other game series, just to feel involved in the celebrations. I'm a big merch collector but all that I'm currently going to get is the cookbook. It's a cool thing but... it's not that exciting. But I wont derail this thread with that.

But I tell you what, I won't complain about Gaming Heads statue prices anymore.
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She looks absolutely GORGEOUS!!! OMG! crying because I'll never be able to afford it!!!
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It's so gorgeous. I wish I wasn't poor.
So damn good
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Also quite confused as to why Neha bought one.

She's a CM. Surely she can just get one if she asked for it instead of taking stock away from a fan that might've wanted it.
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Originally Posted by DVDSpike View Post
Also quite confused as to why Neha bought one. She's a CM.
I wouldn't have thought she could just get one because she's an employee, if that was the case I think all staff members might just request one. Which defeats the object of making it, profit. She might get a staff discount on the statue though.
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Patrick star
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Best TR statue to date hands down, but won't be getting it for obvious reasons.
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