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Originally Posted by UroshUchiha View Post
Awesome collection jonathanrij!
What is that Turn It On box in the second picture and the box on the right from Neptunes Fury Quest Deck?
Thanks! I really love yours too.

The first item is an Eidos E3 2002 digital press kit. The second one is Lara Croft shower gel, from Germany. It's probably better left unopened.
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Everyone's collections look amazing!!

Mine I think are scattered all around the house and unfortunately won't be in great condition as I was about 5 years old when I had most of them but I had a few of the models/action figures. I had the TR2 Tibet bike set and the diving rig one which are on Xenomorphs second image in the middle and jonathanrij's fourth image on the left.

I also had one which was of TR3 Lara in India which was like a temple entrance with a tiger on top and the Angelina Jolie Tomb Raider 1 figure which I think had her mounted on the Triangle of Light from memory.
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There are some really nice collections here.

Some of the images were huge, so I've converted to links. Can we please keep images to a reasonable size. Image size restrictions (1024x768 pixels/500 kb). When quoting images, it's a good idea to convert them into links.
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Originally Posted by HarleyCroft View Post
How fun! My favourite TR thing to collect (besides games) are replicas of her artifacts
Books and cosplay outfits are tied for 2nd
I somehow totally missed this, but what kinds of books and replicas do you have?

I actually just got a copy of ďLaraís BookĒ, vintage 1998. Itís basically just hundreds of Lara Croft publicity stills from the first two games with some flavor text and I think an original work of short fiction added in for fun. I remember having a copy yeeeears ago when it was new, but I donít know what happened to it so I just bought a new copy for $8 on eBay. It came in the mail today, itís not in pristine shape but itís still pretty much intact.
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Originally Posted by Xenomrph View Post
I somehow totally missed this, but what kinds of books and replicas do you have?
Here is the Triangle of Light, the Anniversary Scion and Amanda's Wraithstone was thrown in when I purchased from the seller I'm commissioning a TR1 Scion from them when they get the materials and are making them again

Here is the Dagger or Xian (taped because it's super sharp and I'm still looking for the perfect purple gem to put in it's eye socket), a tiny version of the Clock of Ages and the Amulet of Horus. Also the Vorpal Blade from Alice: Madness Returns but I digress

Couldn't resist getting 3 Periapt Shards..

And that's pretty much it! Still a bit of a modest collection.. I really want the Meteorite Artifacts but would settle for just the Hand of Rathmore lol. I'm also thinking of getting professional prints of the paintings in AoD but I am out of wallspace. The Iris would be cool to have too but it seems like any replica that wouldn't have some sort of kinetic mechanism would be lame. One day when I'm a billionaire maybe I'll hire someone to build me one (and a deathray too while they're at it)

Her weapons are kind of replicas/cosplay so I'ma count them too (all plastic)

I'll rustle up the books soon.. laying then all out and looking at them actually brings me way more inner peace than it should
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Those are rad! That Triangle of Light is super cool, and I really like the Scion. Is it three pieces?
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4 more Top Cow comics just joined my collection. Only a few more remain for my collection to be complete.

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jeffrey van oort
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Wow these collections look amazing.
Do you know if some store still sells the Tomb Raider Premier collections from 1 + 2 + 3? I'd like to get them.
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Damn, these are awesome collections. I'm jealous xD

I have one question tho. This is more for the 2013 Tomb Raider game. Is there a digitalised version of The Art of Survival artbook ? I can't seem to find at least a physical copy to buy (there are some but the sellers are asking for huge amount of money).

If there is a digitalised/scanned version of it, just let me know, I would be grateful for it xD
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