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Question Cutseq tool - asasas9500


I was browsing through GitHub looking for some softwares for TR, when I came across a user called Asasas9500 with some sort of cutseq.pak editor for Tomb Raider The Last Revelation.


From what I could understand, this software imports FBX files into the cutseq.pak. So, I downloaded and built the application but I have some questions regarding its use.

When I execute the software it asks for a 'cutseq script' file in .TXT format. I wrote a simple 'script.txt' with all the necessary informations according to the source code. However, every time I select this text file, I get the "cutseq scene cannot be initialised" error.

Here is my script:

;---------------CUT 6---------------;
number = 6                           ; Cutscene number
camera = camera_node                 ; Camera node name
origin = 5632, 1280, 86528           ; orgX, orgY, orgZ
audio = 40                           ; Audio index

name = num_lara_node                 ; Lara node name

name = num_actor1                    ; Actor 1 node name
slot = 39                            ; Actor 1 slot ID
If someone can enlighten me with some information, It would be really appreciated.
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The user goes by ChocolateFan on this forum. You can find more information on last year's advent calendar here
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Thank you very much, Dermahn!
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Sorry to barge in, but the tool only works with the legacy editor, right? Is there anything similar for the Tomb Editor?
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No, cutseq works with any editor.
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