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Wow damn Gh0stblade!!! This version looks very amazing to see. And can you take the option to select any outfits in this build of Tomb Raider Legend? Because I did see a video of Lara wearing a blue long sleeve top when she went so can you do that in this build or is that in a different build?
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Originally Posted by Gh0stBlade View Post
Hey everyone,

We have a few images of Tomb Raider: Legend to share which appear to be taken around the end of 2004 or so. These images look to be from the PS2 version during early development. Some are entirely new *i think*, some may have been previously released before.

Happy 25th Anniversary
Wow it’s really incredible to see more of these Gh0stBlade, especially the cut Nepal area and those Tokyo ones. It still frustrates me that they simplified those rooftop areas so much when they looked amazing here. Seriously though thanks for sharing these with us

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Thank you for the new screenshot Ghostblade ! I remember some of them from magazines, the outside of Croft Manor for exemple ! Such a nice picture !

It's so cool to see some "raw" screenshots like this !
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