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Originally Posted by Kirishima View Post
Those don't accurately portray what the 3dfx version looked like on real hardware. On real 3dfx cards, you would've had an image similar to the ATI version, except with brown outlines. In fact, 2d images like the plant in the first picture wouldn't have been filtered at all. The 3dfx demo versions, however, had proper alpha blending for those textures, although I don't remember if it filtered 2d images.

Have a video:

EDIT: There's the possibility of NSFW language being used, but I don't really speak German. There's not many decent captures of real hardware 3dfx Tomb Raider videos, so I can't really be too choosy.
Yeah, I assumed glide wrappers worked more or less like the real thing. Glidos filters all sprites and uses proper alpha blending, whereas nglide doesn't filter them at all, if I'm not mistaken.

Still, it would be great to get proper sprite filtering on TombATI.
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I prefer to play TR I without filtering. This is one of those games where the textures were created without bilinear filtering in mind and IMO filtering makes them look worse and lose some of the details. About a year ago I figured out that the same is true for TR II and III. I always played those with bilinear filtering turned on since it always has been a feature of the PC versions but after playing a lot of classic PC games like Doom, Quake, Unreal etc. and experimenting with filtered and unfiltered textures I figured out that even though some games have the option for bilinear filtering built into them, the textures are designed in a way that they look somewhat better without filtering applied to them.
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Indeed. I prefer sharp and pixelated. Filtered textures are just too blurry and as Wooxman said, it removes detail.
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