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I知 playing Cool Boarders 2 on PlayStation Classic. Don稚 say I知 completely nuts, but I bought the console back in Friday because it costs me $44 AUD. This is the second time PlayStation Classic got a permanent price drop and I知 happy with the console, although I feel the Tomb Raider series should be included in this game. At least Spyro & the first three Crash games aren稚 included, but Crash Team Racing and Crash Bash should be included.

If only there were some sort of USB stick that contains at least 80 PS1 games, then I値l be cool with everything.
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Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines

The haunted hotel quest is still so creepy.
Whatever walked there, walked alone.
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Originally Posted by johnanonymouz View Post
I'd never guess you'd be into Fortnite
I don't buy skins though, I am not a micro transaction person. I play it casually, just to see how many people I can lure into trap rooms per match.
Bring Back the Dual Pistols
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Paladins on Switch.

Y'know, for a jank Overwatch clone it's kinda fun.
You will be missed Spong.
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Originally Posted by Portugalraider View Post
Hollow Knight: I'm basically at the beginning and it already is my second favourite Metroidvania game ever, second only to Super Metroid.
Enjoy it, one of the best games of all time imo, still ain't finish my first playthrough.
Team Classic: We want our classic Lara Croft back!
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Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII
Honestly I really love how endless the combat system is since you can customize everything. Lighting is actually really likable in this one as well..her character is growing on me. It basically feels like 13 and x-2 had a baby lol
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Yunaエs Wish
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Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

12 hours in and it's pretty much my GotY.
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Playing Fortnite a lot because I need all that f###ing Fortbytes, loved that skin. Finally a woman skin.

Playing Horizon Zero Dawn again with Carja Blazon master outift.

I tried Bordelands (ty PSN) but holy hell, this game gave me so much motion sickness. So I pass. Sad.
TRF the queen of drama. =|
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Legend of Zelda: Brearh of the Wild for the first time! Love it so far <3
The higher the heels the closer to god
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Heavy Rain.

The controls are really clunky but I知 enjoying the story.
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