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I want Peter Connelly to please remaster & reimagine my favorite TR4 & AOD soundtracks which are Mystery 3 & twisted strings 1 & 2!!
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They have just written on Twitter that Eric Loren - the voice of Kurtis Trent - will be present at the Orchestra recording sessions.

EDIT: And latest Kickstarter update available to read here.
Ask yourself WWLD: What would Lara do? :)

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The meet up today in Derby was amazing. Thank you to Peter and the team
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Hope y'all had fun! Just saw the picture on Facebook!
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Latest Update y'all!
Item Production, Martin Iveson at Live Recording Session

Our postman has been busy! The last of the raw materials needed for our handmade pendant pledge rewards have just been delivered. This includes epoxy putty (affectionately called Green Stuff, for obvious reasons), waxed cotton cords, sandpaper, craft blades, and moulding putty (just as affectionately known as Blue Stuff. Wow, these manufacturers are inventive!) amongst other bits and bobs.

Our jewellery sculptor, Jenni Milward, will be starting the process of turning all these ingredients into the beautiful pendants you have pledged for very soon. Expect more behind-the-scenes photos of the works-in-progress rewards over the next few months!

Remember: The shop will be CLOSING to preorders of these and other handmade items (so pendants, Kurtis and Lara statuettes, and Kurtis' Journals (leather-bound editions)) on 1ST AUGUST. Time is running out, so if you're still undecided, add them to your basket NOW!

Limited-edition handmade items: https://trdarkangel.com/product-category/limited/


ALSO: Our dates for the studio recordings of the Dark Angel Symphony are fast approaching - 20th to the 26th July. We are delighted to announce that Martin Iveson - the co-composer of The Angel of Darkness - will be joining the Dark Angel crew on the 26th ALONGSIDE Murti Schofield and Eric Loren (voice of Kurtis Trent). It's going to be an incredible, exhausting, once-in-a-lifetime week, and we hope to see YOU there, too! Tickets are still on sale, but you must HURRY to secure your place!

We also invited a couple of Core Design team members to the recording on the 26th. They might show up on the day so we can't 100% confirm who will come along BUT we're doing our best to get more Core people around for you to meet!

Studio recording tickets: https://trdarkangel.com/product-cate...ive-recording/

Kurtis' Journal
There's still time (just) to grab one of the limited edition Kurtis Trent leather journals. As you know, first 100 journals that we sell will be signed by Murti Schofield. We now sold around 80 of them so hurry and grab one:


Thank you again for all your support. We couldn't do this without you!

Peter Connelly/The Dark Angel crew

I'm not really checking my PMs here so contact me by other means :)
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