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Angry Random object activating bug

Recently some objects started to activate themselves without any triggers, at random time. I checked the wad which appear to be okay, still didn't reach limits. The map seem to have no errors and compiles as it should. Guess this is a script error, but I really have no idea where to check for errors...

Edit: ok, the reason was an obsolete script condition about animation. At first the wad contained an item interaction animation, and a condition which activates an item. But then I decided not to use that item. Lara's animation was changed in wad but not in script. And there was a condition that checks the played animation. The new animation was a transition animation, which gave the impression that unwanted activating of items was random. And that TGROUP_USE_FOUND_ITEM_INDEX flag was the thing which picks the nearest item to activate. That buggy piece of script was with #INCLUDE, that's why it was hard to find error.

The following text is off-topic, but still about bugs, in case someone is interested:

Seems that continuous global triggers with only on-false triggergroup can conflict with plugin scripts. Such global triggers require the on-true performing trigger group to work without bugs.



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