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Craig Michaels
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Originally Posted by ChocolateFan View Post
Maybe the water room has No pathfinding checked? Can you verify what happens with a standard TR4 enemy (like BADDY_1)?
HUH no enemies work, you're right! They all stop at the edge. Not only that, but after Lara emerges, they don't target Lara correctly, as if she has a little force field around her - so they attack, but cause no damage

No damage??

Sounds like I need to post this in the regular TRLE chat, I thought it was just the tiger.

- I did check and I haven't checked "No pathfinding" in the water room.
- When I remove the water room and have Lara just run on the surface, the enemies behave normally.
- When I used a totally different new water room instead, the same thing occurred and enemies wouldn't go into it Even the crocodile wouldn't touch the water.

EDIT: SOLVED I figured out the problem. Apparently a 2-click slope into a 1-click slope in a different room was causing all enemies to have issues entering the water room. Changing this solved the problem and the tiger now attacks just fine! Sorry for posting about it in the Plugin Thread but perhaps this will be helpful for other people too. I love this plugin so much, the tiger is fantastic.
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Is this plugin still available? The link to it seems to be dead?
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