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Originally Posted by Barry View Post

I made a Croft Manor in .obj format. It is based on TRL, TRA, and TRU models. It has the exterior and interior design, but a big WARNING to anyone, this Manor has a very high polygon count, therefore game engines like Unity will take HOURS to import. Anyway, I hope you got what you wanted.

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Thx for the model.

The .obj file (geometry) has just 32 MB size. So I can load it in my XPS in a few seconds (after converting it in the Generic_Item format).

The geometry is not smooth:

But the textures are very Low Res (and some faces are flipped)

.jpg for glas "_Translucent_Glass_Block_Dark_1.jpg"

.png (without alpha channel / transparency) for glas "Translucent_Glass_Corrugated.png"

Some textures are missing, like

No Normal maps like


So, I will continue to use the TRU model by Dusan (14 MB geometry)

(Although Dusan model has flipped Normals, which needs also to be fixed.)
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