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Talking My YouTube Channel <3

Hey guys! Remember me? I'm active here in the forums back then during 2010-2014 commenting about AOD content (huge AOD fan here) and sharing some PS2 underworld stuff (since I only have a PS2 at that time) and after that I became a lurker just drinking all the tea spilled here in the forums most especially in the SOTTR forum hahaha.

I also created TRLE levels if you remember and they are:
- Lara Croft: Land of the Zombies (2011) Link for thread
- Lara Croft: Search for the Golden Skull (2012) Link for thread
- Kurtis Trent: Fire and Ice (2013) Link for thread

These days, all my time and energy are spent on my schooling as well as creating videos for my YouTube channel for my past time. Now I'm here today to share to you my YT channel. Here are some sample videos down below on what type of content I create.

What do you think of my content? I also have other videos as well but they are on Filipino language (since I'm from the Philippines) that you might not understand. Maybe soon I will create a Tomb Raider parody if I have the budget to buy some costumes and materials to portray Lara Croft. Well, that's all and you can subscribe to my channel if you want. What do you think of my videos? hehehe
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