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Originally Posted by Dustie View Post
I wanted to ask this again too, they never explained, did they? But consensus was the show and E3 presence was becoming too expensive for them to maintain...
Interesting. I mean, yes, it's got to be expensive to put on a show like that - getting everything ready is probably a huge task especially when you hear about developers spending 3 months just to get a railer ready for shows like this.

But if they can't afford it when they're currently leading the console war who can???

Perhaps they're being a bit complacent because the ps4 is doing so well. In which case I expect them to be back next year when the fight for the next gen consoles begins in earnest. I hope so anyway.
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Originally Posted by Mani_Man View Post
Sony didnt go because of the whole Sony Experience thing or what its called.
They want to make their own big Event like blizzards blizzcon or so.

Its almost 100% safe to say that they prepare everything to reveal the Playstation 5.

Financial there is no problem i think, the PS4 has been sold around 90 million times versus xbox one with 41 million.
Interesting, maybe that's what it is... I read about the cost issue in an article a while ago, I believe it was written not long after Sony first announced they will be skipping E3. I think it also brought up the fact that companies have to pay large fees to appear at the conference while it was slowly losing key status due to growing competition from other similar events.
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I think its the things you guys are discussing; but also, I think they didnt have any new games to show. Last year they took some flak for showing things we already knew about; Spiderman, Days Gone, Ghost of Tsuchima, Death Stranding, etc.

If they woulda done that again this year; it would have looked really bad.
I think they lack a decent list of new games to show off.

Im also thinking theres a POSSIBILITY, that they'll unveil the PS5.... and they might wanna do that at their show... PLUS, maybe they wanted to see what Xbox would do first... let them show their cards first, and then react.
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It just wasn't the same without Sony. I predict the PS5 reveal at PSX 2019
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Guys I think I just figured out that Black Widow was modelled after Anna Chapman - a real Russian spy.
That's what she gets for killing Steph and rejecting Alex's advances.

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SW Jedi The Fallen Order and Marvel's Avengers are shown as pre-alpha footage.
For me it totally looks more advanced like beta, after all the games will be released not that far, end 2019/early 2020.

I wonder if they lied to justify the way it looks unpolished.
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Genuinely surprised about Contra. Konami actually does something with one of their many squandered IPs that's not a mobile or cheap spin-off game and it actually looks good? Yeah, color me shocked. Granted, they still have a ways to go after all their and shenanigans over the last few years (cancelling Silent Hills after all that hype surrounding it was unforgivable) and I wouldn't put it past them to somehow this one up like they did by releasing a mediocre Bomberman game and the godawful disgrace Metal Gear Survive, but it's definitely a step in the right direction.

Stoked about finally getting our first look at the Square-Enix Avengers game. They finally revealed the whole reasoning behind the Avengers split in the reveal trailer after 3 years of radio silence and while the character models do look iffy, the story and little bits of gameplay they did show looks promising. I also love that we're getting free DLC characters, hopefully we get DareDevil as part of this free DLC package (which they did leave a Cade & Murdock ad in Spider-Man PS4 as a sort of Easter Egg, so who knows?).

I also liked what I saw from the FF7 remake reveal, glad we finally got our first look at Tifa in the Remake. She still looks great, and I'm glad they kept the original outfit, which I was deathly afraid was gonna be scraped with the current social justice climate unfortunately being what it is. Glad they didn't cave. Plus the game, while different, still looks amazing. I love that the first in what is an episodic game is getting a physical release, too. How are they gonna release parts 2 and 3, though? Have them be titled FFVII Remake-2 and Final Fantasy VII Remake-3 kinda like FFXIII-2 and FFXIII-3? I'm curious.

But yeah, this year's E3 was forgettable all-around. Not a single presser outside of maybe Nintendo's was remotely worthwhile. Gears 5 looked mediocre and it seems they've milked the franchise for all it's worth at this point, but on the plus side, the Terminator: Dark Fate tie-in DLC lends credence to the rumors (and James Cameron's claims) that the movie will, in fact, be rated R. So an adult film franchise will actually go back to being for adults and not be held back by PG-13 limitations like the last 2 sh!tty films? YAY!

No, it doesn't guarantee the film will be any good (T3 sucked in spite of it being R) and the teaser trailer was nothing special, but when you're talking about deadly futuristic robots wiping out the human race, this sh!t should not be PG-13. Plus Tim Miller has shown he can deliver the goods with an R rating in the past with Deadpool.

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Lmao I only now heard about a new Contra and rushed to see the trailer... I honestly don't get what it's supposed to be but the comment section is gold as always xD
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