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No they wanted her to be a bond type bigger than life character who goes after what she wants because she wants them. Yes she saved the world, but that was never her primary goal. She doesn't save the world because she wants to stop evil, she just saves the world because the world going to hell would cramp her life style. A hero is someone with altruistic qualities and that is not Lara Croft.
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Originally Posted by dg1995 View Post
Lara was never some edgy "anti-hero".

She has always been a hero. Even Toby Guard wanted her to be a hero.

The people she kills in classic games were simply "bad guys". Even in AOD Core revealed that the police officers she kills are on the payroll of Cabal.

The only character that was some kind of anti hero in classic games was Von Croy.(That actually tried to find Lara after the events of Last Revelation)
No matter the context whether it be Classic or Reboot. A murderer /thief will never be a hero. Idrc what anyone says. Toby can say she’s a hero but it logically makes no sense. If they just embraced her bad behavior it would make her character so much better than other generic protagonist. CD thinks that being a protagonist means ur a “good guy” lol. Such limited creativity
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I don't think Lara is a hero or an anti-hero.
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