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Originally Posted by raid View Post
rise is a massive improvement over the yamatai game. It's a great game with a terrible story and even worse character as she's the most boring unlikable person ever. She's serious all the time, she's depressed and unbelievably boring. They are trying to pass her as lara croft but she's not. I call this character boreen.

Boreen embarks on a quest after the events of yamatai. The game can be classified as a stand alone, as yamatai is practically almost forgotten and has no relevance to her character development whatsoever. Boreen's animations are lacking and look clumsy and unfinished. Boreen's voice is awful and makes you despise the character even more.

However, despite boreen's massive and unforgivable flaws, the game is good, areas are massive and there's a lot to explore. Puzzles have also seen an improvement a they require more thinking to solve compared to yamatai, but sometimes boreen will ruin the suspense by giving you the solution. She's just boring that way.
boreen??? Help meeee
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Originally Posted by adamtombraider View Post
I hate the reboot games and the story and I vowed never to play Rise or Shadow after playing Tomb Raider 9 in 2013 but as Autumn & Winter approaches in the UK I have decided that I need a game to get me through the Autumn & Winter months and I decided on Rise it will be on XBOX 360 as I don't have a PS4 or XBOX One.

I will be playing the game on the days when I am not in work I only decided to play Rise after watching a walkthrough of a level editor game called Tomb Raider - War of the Worlds.

So tell me the good and bad points of Rise of the Tomb Raider.

I love this game! And what is cool is that the trinity guys respawn when you revisit places you've already placed. The Fireman boss fight is a riot. The Geothermal Valley is a really pretty place. You get to fight tough animals in a crowded space. The DLC is super challenging and fun. You must work to get the last document pickup in it. One of the defense weapons is huge and fun to fire. I plan to play this game again.
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The positive is that the game is more balanced. The puzzle solving challenge tombs are significantly expanded. The game is more open and less linear than 2013 giving more chance for exploration. It's not as over combat heavy.

The negative is that Lara's characterization is significantly worse than 2013. Lara behaves like a petulant brat at times and is really quite unlikable. There are plot points in the story that you will figure out far before Lara does.

It plays pretty well but the story/characterization issues are pretty bad so I would recommend skipping Rise and going straight for Shadow.
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How's the run going? Are you feeling it's a big improvement over the reboot itself?
I personally think Rise is the weakest of the reboot games lmao, the added mechanics that aren't present in the reboot are quite nice, but idk the story, the locations; everything just feels so much weaker imo.
I hope you're enjoying it, but based on your op, I can probably guess you aren't
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