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Patrick Shannon
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Default I Miss The Great Chi So Much...

I have been thinking of our friend, who is Beyond the Floating Islands... I miss him so much, and all the adventures we shared while exploring off the game maps...
Here's to our beloved bug scientist, rr_carroll: R.I.P. July 11, 2013

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My interactions with him were much more few and far between but he still made SUCH an enourmous impact on me. He is and always will be my most treasured connection to TRF by far and changed the way I view my favorite entry (2) forver. Whenever I saw his avatar next to a post I got excited.

I'm sure i'm not the only one who he had this effect on and I really hope he knew that. I hope he knew how loved he was.
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Tomb Raider
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He helped me solve a few TR mysteries over the years and Iíll never forget that.
I miss him a lot as well. I loved his humor and positivity that he brought to the forum ! Iíll never think of TR2 without thinking of him.

Iím sure heís missed by everyone he interacted with. He was just such a fun soul.
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I keep remembering him from time to time when I visit this place. I barely knew him but I knew he was such a good guy, RIP Chi
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I found the modding in his videos very intriguing. Some of it, I just cannot figure out how he did it.

No wonder he was called 'The Inscrutable One'
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How old was he? What happened to him? I had few interactions with him, but the few I did were pleasant. What a shame.
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Originally Posted by Sgt BOMBULOUS View Post
How old was he? What happened to him? I had few interactions with him, but the few I did were pleasant. What a shame.
He died.
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