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Default Dreams or nightmares you've had

Just looked through the forums and saw that there were no posts discussing about dreams/nightmares, dreams you've had etc, so I decided to create this one.

Feel free to talk or share any dreams or nightmares you've experienced.

I'll tell a couple of mine here, beware that this is a looooong read. One that is very memorable for me is when I was a child, in my dream I was climbing up a ladder, when I looked down, I was above the clouds, and it really scared me. I don't know why but this one is very memorable for me, maybe because I had a huge fear of heights.

I also remember one where I was chased by a huge green monster in my house, or stuff when whenever YouTube is present in my dreams, it's only scary stuff being shown there for whatever reason.

One I've had this year, it was night time, probably after midnight, I was with my brother on the porch, then I saw an object flying around the sky, which obviously was an alien saucer. I was kinda shocked, and to make stuff even worse, it landed on the street I live! Then I saw a bunch of aliens which looked like ET from the ET movie climbing out of the alien saucer and they began to invade the houses of the neighbors, and also tried to invade my house! Me and my brother ran inside, and closed everything.

While we are on the aliens subject, last year (maybe it was this year, idk), suddenly a portal opened up on my street (again, seems like my street is where weird stuff happens on my dreams), a portal opened up, and the aliens from Avengers 1 began to fly out of it and swarm everywhere! Then a weird drone went inside my house and my mother suddenly came and hit it with a karate kick and it flew away.

Other one I've also had this year (and guess where it was? yes, my street again), it was night time and I was looking at the sky while a track from HL2 was playing. Suddenly I heard a loud bang and the sky got divided in 2 colors, it felt like the world was ending! Yes, I have weird dreams.

Now moving on from absolutely nightmarish to normal dreams (which for whatever reason I don't recall about many of them, maybe because they aren't shocking). This one is pretty short, but I vaguely remember about it (probably was 1 or 2 years ago), Lara Croft from Legend was at my yard, standing there with her arms crossed. I simply looked at her and nothing ever happened after. Could have atleast hugged her :/ other one I remember is quite embarassing, which I was being loud on a bus and everyone was looking at me. Suddenly I got aware that I was dreaming so I simply continued to screw around. After I just went crazy and began to destroying the bus for whatever, then the dream faded back to normal and I didn't have control over it anymore.

Well, like I said, it'd be a long read! Anyways, what about your dreams or nightmares?
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I have a few returning ones, none of them are nightmares, but ... they're not very pleasant either.

I am running in a city at night. Can't tell if I'm chasing something, or I am being chased. I'm not scared, just thinking, where I am and why am I running. Whenever I stop running to look around, my eyesight becomes terrible, barely capable to make out anything, everything's a blur and my head feels like it's spinning. When I start to run again, I always end up in a small courtyard with a fountain in the middle, where I just go to a room and I go to sleep. Then I wake up in irl.
I don't know what place at I'm running, but that dream had been replayed so many times, that over the years, I noted many details of it, but still cannot place it anywhere.

I'm on a hill, surrounded by a forest. Also there's one big tree around halwfay.
Again, not scared, but I'm just running downwards. Don't know why, but I stumble; rolling a bit and I end up on my back. Then I see a lot of people to pass by, but I'm unable to get up and speak, or move at all.
All I can see is that big tree and sky.
Only once someone pulled me up and took me next to that tree. I was unable to move, but I was in a sitting position, so I saw those people to enter the woods and never come back.
That place I can recognize btw, it's a hill next my granfather's vineyard, which is located in a forest.(among many other vineyards)

3. General random scenario, when suddenly my theeth starting to hurt.
I pull one out, there's blood, but the pain is gone.
Alternate version, my jaw gets blocked. When I start to move it around, one or more tooth gets in the way and I pulled them out.
Third alternate version of it, while grinding my teeth there's blood and one ore more tooth falls out in the process.

4.Imagine a white colored nothing. You and your best friend in that nothing and talking . Nothing, just talking.

These kinds of dreams are always reappear for more than a decade by now...

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Don't really have much interesting dreams but I did have a weird one where the paint was peeled off buildings like a Banana skin.
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I always have three dreams.

1) The first dream I have thatís the most common is I lose all my teeth. Thereís not much going on in the dream, I could be laying on the bed and one of my teeth just crumbles and falls out.

2) I always dreaming that Iím fighting someone, itís a random person each time, theyíre hitting me perfectly fine but when I go to hit them my whole body moves in slow motion. An Iím fighting with my arm to hurry up and swing around but the more frustrated I get, the slower my body moves.

3) Iím laying on a cold bed in a dark room with a light shining on my chest. I have a pillow laying on my chest, the pillow is the same size as a piece of popcorn yet itís crushing me. I canít move and the pillow is very heavy to move.
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1) I tend to dream about zombies. Last one I remember was me being in high school and suddenly I was in a dark place full of zombies. When one of them touched me I puked macarroni I looked closer and they turnt into worms.

2) I once had a TERRIBLE DREAM, the worst of all. It was after an emocionally and physically exhausting day. That night I was soooo tired that I couldn't dry myself after the bath and fell asleep all wet in the new bed without sheets. Well, the dream is a Dark shadow chasing me and I couldn't run,I was repeatedly falling. That's the dream, the problem is that I was kind of hallucinating when I woke up, I had sleep paralysis and I was convinced the shadow was there staring at me in real life. I started screaming, unable to move.

3) I'm agoraphobic so I'm constantly dreaming abt being trapped in planes and buses.
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For the most part, I have these weird ass dreams that make perfect sense when I'm sleeping and then I wake and I'm like "WTF did I just see?"

The only nightmares I have are death of loved ones, and a few dreams where I struggle to do something. For example, someone is chasing me and I am screaming for help, but no voice is coming out of my mouth, or I try to run but my legs just won't.
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Originally Posted by Lara_Fan1 View Post
1) The first dream I have that’s the most common is I lose all my teeth. There’s not much going on in the dream, I could be laying on the bed and one of my teeth just crumbles and falls out.

2) I always dreaming that I’m fighting someone, it’s a random person each time, they’re hitting me perfectly fine but when I go to hit them my whole body moves in slow motion. An I’m fighting with my arm to hurry up and swing around but the more frustrated I get, the slower my body moves.
I have these two quite a few times, as well. Specially the second one (adding that my blows have no strength). My third reocurring dream would be me going back to school, mostly middle, but sometimes primary. As an adult. And sometimes my old classmates are there, as adults as well.

I've dreamt at least 4 times that I had a baby, and every single time I'm thinking how I wanted to go back in time to not have this child. The last time I was even thinking in my dream "I even had some dreams where I had a baby, and I wanted to go back in time". If that's not a sign, then I don't know what is.

Mostly my dreams change themselves multiple times within the same one (example: I have a cat, then not much later the cat is a spider), the one I had last night ended with me sort of attending a vampire meeting (I'm still binge watching "Lua Vermelha"), and the way there, was through a huge, vertical, pitch black cave, with some pickable pebbles that lit up when close to vital energy. The event mixed in before was, guess what, me at school.

I once had a really cool dream of Bayonetta and Dante fighting each other. When they were done I asked "wait, you guys were just playing?!", and they simply stared at each other, and smirked.
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Wow, these are pretty crazy! About the dreams of teeth falling off (which looks somewhat common, though I really never experienced it or heard of it before), I've looked around and it says that it's related with loss or life changes.

About dreams where you can't move or speak, I think it is also some kind of sleep paralysis. Some say that on dreams where you can't speak, and while you are trying to speak on the dream, you actually mumble or speak in real life. Not sure if it's really like this since I never experienced it, though I remember my grandma once told me that she saw me speaking while I was sleeping. O_O

I also just remembered a dream I had when I was a child aswell where I simply happened to die. Now it wasn't a tragic or an actual death, but I suddenly saw myself in third person slowly ascending to heaven (literally, I saw myself with a halo above my head and I had flapping wings!) while I could feel my heart beat really fast. After I saw that, I suddenly found myself in a weird place where my cousin was present, but he didn't do or say anything rather than do some weird noises like a high pitched "blargh", which I associated with him becoming dumb. Really don't know what these were supposed to be, but it was pretty weird.

These days I'm not having dreams very memorable, half of the time now when I wake up I simply forget what I dreamt about, unless it is a very weird dream or a nightmare I'll probably remember it.
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I tend to forget the specifics of my dreams. I have a lot that are just really random, like a bizarre ensemble of little scenes that don't really connect with eachother. Sometimes I wake up and feel relieved I did wake up, other times I'm like "**** I wanna go back to sleep, now."

I also notice that I'll regularly encounter people I know in my dreams, but for whatever reason they look completely different physically, yet I still recognise them as being that particular person, if that makes sense. Like for example my Mom and brother will appear in a dream with totally different faces, hair and body types than they have in real life, but I still know it's supposed to be them according to my brain. I don't know if that's common, it seems really weird to me.

I also get that "falling" sensation where you suddenly wake up feeling like you just hit your bed quite often. I've scared people with that before when sleeping in the presence of others.

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Apparently everyone will or have already had a dream with this man in it.

This Man, according to a website created in 2008 by Italian marketer Andrea Natella named Ever Dream This Man?, was a person who was claimed to have been repeatedly seen in dreams by the whole world since 2006, but was never found in real life.
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