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Thnx, yeah ive been pretty busy after getting my first apartment and a new job, but im trying to get back to tomb raider, working on this stuff cuz i wanna redo my greece level from the 20x20 from a while back that i never finished!
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As seen in the India levels, now 3D. Includes colour variations from It's a Madhouse compatible to use as tree roots.

I made these objects because Tomb Editor allows alpha texture blending for opaque water surfaces. However, this makes any plants or objects with flat faces underwater invisible. Converting any plants or objects to 3D fixes this issue.

Download: https://www.trsearch.org/item/4765
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Originally Posted by THOR2010 View Post
Some Greek stuff ive finished today, and an outfit

WOW Thor!
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Great work Reggie
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Finally, we can have barracuda AND sharks in the same level.
Heres my WIP barracuda.
It uses the crocodile slot - every other fish uses Hammerhead, which can cause issues if you also want to use sharks.

This is my first ever meshtree edit - so its not perfect, but pretty close.
He's a little bigger than his TR2 counterpart, but this was due to the enemy I used as a base - a fish available on TRSearch using the croc slot.
I did scale him down by 50%, so he's smaller than he was.. its the best I could do.

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Looking good !
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