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Dennis's Mom
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Default The Sandman on Netflix

The Sandman is one of those things you see mentioned a lot if you follow any genre folk on Twitter. Seminal work by Neil Gaiman.

Well, Netflix has adapted it, and while I haven't read the original graphic novel, some people whose opinion I respect (Scott Woods!) says it's great.

And it is. Moody, dark, some humor, lots of moving parts but never confusing.

Highly recommend. Even my husband, who mostly indulges me in my media tastes, watched three episodes without asking to switch.
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This is all over my Twitter feed and I admit, I am intrigued, I'm considering checking it out.
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Relic Hunter
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Yes it is awesome from start to finish.
I actually wanted to take my time with it while simultaniously re-read the graphic novel since its been quite a while since i read it, but episode 1 already forced me to keep watching all episodes.

It is such a great adaption on all aspects, the cast is fantastic, visual incredible...just a really really great adaption.
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I really liked it. But there were some parts that felt strange. There was this important character they introduced. And she was never openly mentioned before her introduction, and never seen after her episode. I can't really talk too much about it without spoiling the plot, but I thought that was strange.
I was like, gurl this is your domain, do you thing. Wait you are not going to show up? Oh well. Then why did they ever bother with that episode?

There was that one episode I really really hated. (the diner)
Everything in that episode felt forced. And some of the dialogue was bizarre.

I felt that the big bad got very little screen time. And by the end that arc got very little development.

I know that they are setting up a bigger universe here, but for people like me, references to characters that might not even show up this season felt bit forced.
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