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The anime "Given"

Hands down one of the best gay romance animes ever released. They treat the main characters as people, not stereotypes, that have actual personalities with interests outside of a relationship....it's just so refreshing.

I'm just shocked at how emotional I got while watching it.
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No Country for Old Men

Though I liked There Will Be Blood more (these two films get a lot of comparison), it was really good. Interesting how there isn't any music, or it is extremely minimal. The atmosphere is very tense. 8.5/10.
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Fear the Walking Dead, Season 2

Really boring.
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American Horror Story: Alpaca Lips

Return to Murder House is one of the best episodes in the whole series, and the premiere of this season was probably one of the worst. Overall, it's not horrible, it's just running on empty. The whole jumping time frames and the time travel twist was stupid but I should have seen it coming. But that very final ending scene was really dumb! It undid what was already dumb and made it even worse!

So many of the subplots were so weak and unrealized. In theory, the plot premise sounds interesting enough, but the execution was bleh.

Jessica Lange and Kathy Bates were standouts.
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It Chapter two: I loved the movie I thought it was a great horror movie. I didn't find it scary per se but it sure was disturbing. The beginning scene of the movie is depressing.
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Originally Posted by JsotoTRSaga View Post
It Chapter two: I loved the movie I thought it was a great horror movie. I didn't find it scary per se but it sure was disturbing. The beginning scene of the movie is depressing.
I felt this way too. I was never really scared but I thought the casting was excellent and the conclusion felt appropriate.

Currently on my first watch of Buffy. Currently on season 4. I'm in love with this show now; I love the balance of comedy/horror/action/teen drama/fantasy/etc. Also Sarah Michelle Gellar is ❤️
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The Dark Crystal, Age of Resistance.. It's actually really sweet, with some really good voice acting by some very familiar actors. Only one episode in, but I'll definitely watch the rest.
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Scorpion Thunderbolt. A strong candidate for the worst movie ever made.

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Lord Insidious
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Jose Ramon Larraz’s 1988 slasher film Edge of the Axe.
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Just saw it on Friday, it was excellent. Joaquin Phoenix kills it (no pun intended) as Arthur Fleck/Joker, as usual. His whole descent into madness story is wonderfully done, and it makes you sympathize with his character, to a certain extent. You're equally as shocked when he actual does his depraved acts, though.
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