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^Such a great show.

I just finished The Girl from Plainville.

Also in the process of watching Shining Girls, Undone Season 2, Russian Doll Season 2, The Flight Attendant Season 2, and Under the Banner of Heaven.
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I saw two Netflix documentaries on a series called "Abstract: the Art of Design" related to Paula Scher and Christoph Niemann (typography and illustration respectively). Perhaps I'm getting old, but I thought that they were a bit too artsy (or trendy), offering more personal insight about their way of thinking than their craft, because they have reached the status to offer little in terms of foundations, which could ultimately help others improve theirs. This is not something to do with contemporary times though. Back then, Steve Jobs had this kind of speech in his interviews, which reeked of hindsight thinking and not the actual process. Advice from the best is usually "I would have done this that way" when it takes more than the ideal to succeed.
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The Batman

I liked the noir detective style acting but I was so bored. Visually, too dark as well.
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The Staircase on HBO Max.

Itís a show about the man who claimed his wife fell down the stairs but he murdered her. The sudden flashbacks are confusing at first but it is a very good show. Iíve only watched three episodes the fourth is going to be released on the 12th. I canít wait.
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Love and Monsters
I enjoyed it! I hope they do a sequel.

I didn't play the Uncharted games so I can't make comparisons, but it's surely an entertaining movie.
There's a teaser at the end, and this means they will surely do a sequel.

Visually spectacular movie but bad and trivial script. In other words, it's a B-Movie with many special effects.
And I'm afraid Halle Berry will again be nominated for the Razzie Award.

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Dennis's Mom
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Everything, Everywhere, All at Once

Amazing film. See it in theaters before it's gone.
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Originally Posted by Dennis's Mom View Post
Everything, Everywhere, All at Once

Amazing film. See it in theaters before it's gone.
Only if your country show the movie
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Russian Doll S2

Yay the wait was worth it! Itís a different vibe compared to the first season but I loved the whole concept they delved into, Netflix better renew it as they planned a three seasons arc.

Ozarks S4

Byrdes should have payed for their mess and my girl Ruth deserved her chance at a better life..

**** it honestly

How I met your father

Iím not a fan of the original show so I donít mind it doing its own thing and itís lovely to see Hilary on TV again! (Yes I know Younger but I never had a chance to watch it )
if everybody likes it maybe itís not that good
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Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore

Better than the last one but it still has the pace of a snail. Mads blew Johnny out of the water as Grindelwald, and given some of the things he does in this movie I can't see Johnnys take on it being anywhere near as menacing going from the previous movies. Solid replacement choice IMO. It's a shame it didn't do so great at the box office but not surprising honestly, I do hope they at least make one more to wrap up the story though.
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Everything Everywhere All At Once

No spoiler review

I had a huge lot of expectations for this movie and it didn't disapointed me at all.

First of all the actors are all giving stellar performances Michelle Yeoh as an unlimited ranges of emotions to fufill wich isn't an easy task to do. For so long I have waited for a director to give her the full spotlight and use of her talents. Jamie Lee Curtis was great too, Stephanie Hsu is a revelation she's just perfect, Ke Huy Quan is really charming and as a really charming character I really hope this movie will give him an acess to others roles in the future.

The creativity of this movie is absoluetely phenomenal for such a small budget (25 millions) sure some things can make you think of others movies like Paprika or the Matrix but the movie use thoses inspirations and not make a copy of them or mock them but gives their own spin on it. The sets are detailed and even if a big part of the movie take place in the same spot it didn't fell it was.

I fell it's a movie that had a clear sence of what he wanted to be and didn't flee away or contrive this idea.

There's so much love from the genre movies and so many references to others asian director's like Wong Kar Wai, Stephen Chow, Ang Lee or even Stanley Kubrick.

The actions scenes are creative and fun and beautifully choregraphed without an over use of jump cuts but also you can feel the impact of the punchs but it's not too violent and gore either.

The costumes are intriging and interesting especially the ones wear by (can't spoil).

I was afraid the movie was thinking too big with his multiverse ambition but honestly they did a great job to show to the audience several possibilities sure there's a bigger focus on some universes than the others but it's normal.

The comedy was a part of the movie and didn't feel used to distract the audience from the stakes. If you like absurd style of comedy well it shouldn't be a problem.

Then finally I want to talk about the heart of the film, well without telling too much It can speak to a lot of peoples and honeslty I did cry at the end.

To summarise Everything Everywhere All At Once is a beautiful, silly, stupid, romantic, action packed, creative, emotional, fully fledge roller coaster ride.

It might not work for anyone but it surely did with me

Be positive DAMMIT !

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