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Default New sound system guide (by Dustie)

After issues with the previous ("dynamic") sound system TE dev team decided to go back to an approach which is closer to the sounds.txt-based one of TRLE/NGLE.

To sum it up, TombEditor will now use XML files akin to the sounds.txt file, containing information about sound slots (IDs) parameters, with the difference that multiple XML files will be allowed for a level. This will allow the builder to split all sound information across multiple XMLs - if you desire to do so; you can still use a single file for all level sounds! - so that you are no longer forced to change/overwrite information in any "main" sounds file (like sounds.txt before) or recreate sound files for your level WAD each time you want to alter just one or few sounds.

Following a priority rule, information from XML files higher on the XML list takes priority over information from files lower in the list - you can store dedicated XMLs for your object WADs or any groups of sounds (in theory you can have a single XML for every sound slot/ID!). TombEditor will assemble sounds from all provided XML files at compilation stage and add them to the level (it will include engine-required sounds too). You will also have the ability to forcefully add or exclude sounds for the level in the editor itself (but not to edit their parameters!) on a special list of sounds serving as a base.

This might sound confusing or not entirely clear at first, but dev team came up with this approach by starting with the simple scenario: let's say you have dedicated sounds.txt file for each level, but what if you want to be able to alter only some sounds without changing the file? Or if you want some changes to have effect across multiple levels (batch changing)? This will be covered by the XML files which can serve both as a complete sounds file (like sounds.txt before) and as additional overrides, which will take priority depending on their place on the list of all sound files (information from files higher on the list will have priority over those lower on the list).

The support for multiple sound files is in line with our move towards multiple WAD and multiple texture set approach where every texture, object or group of objects can be stored in separate files and assembled in the TombEditor project, without the need to make a complete designated WAD and texture set for each level.

This new system comes with plenty of freedom and some challenges. You can keep all sounds in a single file as before and no sound slot/ID conflicts will happen, but with multiple XML files conflicts can arise if more than one file has information about the same slot/ID - this is where the priority rule applies and only information from the highest file on the list will be used. You will be able to store your sound sample files across multiple folders (this is already possible in TombEditor), keep them with your object WAD files folders or elsewhere you like, but each needed folder path must be provided in your project settings. Priority rule will also apply here - some sample names might be duplicated by accident in different folders, so TombEditor will take the sample from the folder highest on the paths list and ignore further occurrences of the file.
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In additions to this, you can also use old SFX and TXT files together with XML files, if you are still using classic WAD files. Our tools are compatible with all of them.
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