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Must have:
- Dual Pistols
- Braid
- Backpack
- Explorer outfits
- Some outfits with shorts
- Flares or flashlight
- More then major 2 locations at least during the entire game
- The difficulty adjustments features that Shadow of TR has
- Badass, confident and sarcastic Lara
- New design for Lara
- New gameplay mechanics
- New animations for Lara and the characters
- Croft Manor
- Well written villains and story
- Supernatural enemies like monsters, mummies, dinosaurs, etc.

Must get rid of:
- The game forcing you to use the longbow in various parts, like for example, launching a rope to attach on a wood pillar. This could be replaced by some other accessory
- The fluffy hair
- Camilla Luddington
- Whiny Lara
- Base camps (DO SOMETHING ELSE)
- No family issues! Lara should be adventuring only for herself, forget the parents PLEASE
Team Classic: We want our classic Lara Croft back!
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