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Default Nostalgia Raider: Venice - The Phantoms Mask

(This thread as of now is a place holder for more content to come. I plan on photoshopping layouts and screens to make it all fancy and "extra." )

Story: “Il Teatro Segreto”, an abandoned theater hidden in the back alleyways of Venice, is said to hold a priceless treasure, 'The Phantom's Mask'.
It is said that this mask was once worn by a famous actor, known for his portrayal as the Phantom of the Opera back in the early 1900s.
Lara hears of this piece and decides to travel back to Venice, looking to add the mask to her vast collection, but this won't be easy.
She hears rumors of a mafia boss that has taken over the abandoned theater, turning it into a hideout for him and his crew.
Of course, this doesn't bother our hero one bit.

I'm naming this series Nostalgia Raider because of the layouts of the levels.
They will be somewhat similar to original Tomb Raider game layouts but with completely different game play.
I plan on making other level ideas inspired by TR1, TR3, etc.
With TR2 being my favorite, i decided to start off with this idea first.
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