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New Dwight
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Some trle games crash for 4k users using doovoo too.
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Originally Posted by AkyV View Post
Perhaps are keys changed in Control Configuration for something bad?

If you cannot reach that menu, then perhaps this old post helps:

Perhaps that is not exactly your issue, but you can use scancodes (see NG Center/Reference) to find the proper number.
For example:
If Key0 is UP, and NG Center/Reference says it is 72 for UP, that is always a Numpad key (if there are two of them), add 128 to that, and that will be the other UP, which is 200. So refresh Key0 for 200 now.

(Once this post also helped me, for some similar reason. No, I did not need to reinstall then.)

Use Run->Regedit for HKEY_CURRENT_USER
YES, this works; thank you so much
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