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Gemma Darkmoon
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Classic outfit (the ultimate look for Lara but it must be done true - shorts and no reimagining)
Classic outfit with jacket
TR3 Nevada
TR3 Catsuit
TR3 Antarctica
Chronicles dress
AOD default
Legend Biker
TRU default

I really don't like the approach taken with reboot Lara's attire at all as it's full of hideous and overly-conservative stuff. A move towards classic or LAU attire would be a vast improvement.
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Classic, my most wanted one!

TR2 Bomber Jacket

TR2 Wetsuit

TR3 South Pacific

TR3 Catsuit

It's unlikely, but I would love to see "Evening Ripped" from TRL also.
Team Classic: We want our classic Lara Croft back!
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Relic Hunter
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Classic outfit for sure, it's the only one I need. I NEED to see that turquoise tanktop with brown shorts and black holsters again.

Some other options I would like are:

AOD camo
TR3 catsuit
TR3 Nevada/home
TRL biker
TR2 wetsuit
TR2 bomber jacket
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If we're talking strictly returning outfits, I don't think any need to return as "canon" outfits, just unlockable ones is fine. Yes, even the iconic classic outfit.

However as unlockables I'd like to see;

- The classic outfit
- The Tibet jacket, but only if it's paired with cold weather-appropriate trousers (it's dumb as **** with shorts, sorry)
- All the TR3 outfits tbh
- The Legend outfit
- Any variation of the Underworld jungle outfit. I'm rather fond of the jungle "heavy" look, though it looks a bit too much like a realistic take on the TR3 London stealth outfit to me. It almost looks like this is what they were going for in TR3 (especially on the in-game model) but the crap graphics turned it into a catsuit, which became iconic.
- The Shadow outfit.

Really though, I want new outfits. Something athleisure-y, form-fitting and flattering to her body, with a feminine edge. Like I've said before just type "gym clothes women" into Google Images and let what comes up be inspiration. I hate the "athleisure" trend but Lara is totally justified dressing like that, doing what she does.
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Syria and main SOTTR outfit
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Paititi outfit. Lol.
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Originally Posted by dg1995 View Post
Paititi outfit. Lol.
I joked on my post, but having the butt-ladder outfit as an extra would be the best joke reward on Tomb Raider history.

Bonus points if made all NPCs in the game have Isabella's laugh.
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