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Default What is the best way to play 1-5?

Hey there, I've been a long time lurker, and an even longer time fan of the series.

There was recently a MASSIVE sale on ALL the games from both Fanatical and Humble Bundle and I decided to get every game except for Shadow on Steam (since I already had Shadow on Steam) for literally about $20 all together for TR 1-6 + Anni, Legends, Underworld, + TR2013, RotTR.

Anywho, I was doing some digging around trying to find out what's been done so far for the original games in terms of improvements and whatnot to make it more playable and enjoyable graphically and found out that it's an absolute freaking mess.

I came across an all in one mod/patch called Tomb Raider Automated Fix 1.2.1 that seems to do the basics of proper widescreen (not cropped I believe but true WS) with high res monitor support, replacing audio with PSX audio and fixing the audio cues for music and whatnot.

This is nice, but I couldn't tell if it also replaced any of the textures with essentially remastered ones or not.
More detailed information about this mod/patch would be helpful and if I need any extra graphical mods to improve the quality of the game let me know what you recommend and where to find them thanks

But TR1 was easy enough to track down something like that.
Doesn't seem to be so easy to know what's what for mods with 2-5.

So please, if any of you would be so kind as to enlighten me as to the best and most necessary mods/patches as well as recommended graphics as well as information about why I need those mods so I understand, that would be great.

In regards to my comments about graphics, yes, I said your recommendations since there are quite a few options out there and everyone's preferences are different, so I'd like some opinions.

But at the very least, just something that's been upscaled or even remastered to maintain original design but be higher resolution and quality with more details is totally fine. I don't mind graphics mod that keeps true to the original but just refreshes it to take advantage of the more powerful systems we have today along with the higher resolution displays.

But I might not mind something that really changes things up as well.

Only thing I might have an issue with is the kind of upscaled graphics that ends up smoothing everything out and making it look like it was painted by a 5 year old. I don't particularly like that, but throw it my way anyways so I can determine if maybe I wouldn't mind it.

To summarize, as I said.... it's a mess right now and there doesn't seem to be any threads anywhere that try to consolidate everything to make it easier to find the information I need as well as the mods to be able to able to simply install a few things and enjoy these classics in their best possible form, so I'm asking the community here to help me out and just point me straight in the direction of where to go for this.

Thanks for reading, I know it was a bit long winded. Sorry about that.

Lastly, if there was apparently already a thread created asking about this that is up to date with all this information given to another user with links and everything, then feel free to direct me there and do with this thread what you will.
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