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My pendant and CD finally arrived! So happy, I got #01 for my Lara Croft Memorial pendant!
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May Update

Hi all,

May is coming to an end and it's time for another update!


I'm happy to report that I managed to ship vast majority of both Kickstarter AND shop orders. Percentage wise around 10% of kickstarter orders left to ship with approximately 20% of shop orders still waiting to go.

As previously, we prioritised shipping kickstarter orders and, where possible, combined shipping into one box if the backer placed an additional order via shop. This was not always possible due to stock issues.

I now ran out of stock to send the rest of the items but, as we always promised to keep it transparent here's our action plan:

- We ran out of tshirts a couple of weeks ago and we placed an order of 300+ tshirts with our partner. These are currently in production and we expect them soon. They normally deliver next day but due to Covid-19 and their policy of social distancing the order is delayed. It shouldn't be too long until I got them here.

- We ran out of CDs and Vinyl. Peter is currently in Nottingham and he hasn't been to his studio (where stuff is) or seen his family in 3 months time. Nottingham is around 2.5hours drive away from the town where the studio is. He's currently recovering from pneumonia but he will attempt a 2.5hour drive to Peterlee, pick the stuff up. Drive to Manchester for 2hours and drop the stuff at my casa. Then return to Nottingham. Hopefully he will be able to do it next weekend.

- We ran out of Journals. I received a batch 2 days ago. Our artist is now working on the final batch of the journals but the current stock should last me.

I took the next 9 days off from my daytime job to resolve this backlog and get the stuff out to you.

Thank you for your continuing patience with this. Whilst we managed to hit the major milestones with this project certain events that were out of control are shafting the whole process. Naturally this is causing us a lot of stress as we also want it done and dusted asap. We are getting a hand of it though.

Address change

As always, if you have moved or want the parcel to be sent to a different address please email me at ash@peterconnelly.com and I will attempt to sort this out as soon as possible.


We recently were interviewed by the Edge Magazine:

You can get digital version here:


Print here:


If you run a blog/website do check out our press pack here:


Our filmographer, Tina, is busy working on the documentary day and night. We (well, mostly her!) managed to film quite a lot of stuff so the decision is made to release it as a two-part film.

First part will focus on Peter and his time at Core Design. This one should be out soon (we're hoping for sometime this Summer). Second part will be focusing on the Dark Angel Symphony itself.

As previously, we will premiere these live with Q&A on our Facebook group so our kickstarter backers and those who made purchases via shop will be the very first to see it. So join if you haven't already:


The amount of info we gathered during this project is huge and Tina even produced a featurrete on Murti Schofield which you can watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtjdwjLXEgo

Other news
Past few weeks, when I was asleep, my PC was busy upscaling and clearing a number of FMVs and trailers from Tomb Raider1-6. Check out my youtube channel if interested:


We even got some unpublished early trailer etc there for The Angel of Darkness so do check it out!

And an absolutely shameless plug
It's my birthday on Wednesday 27 May. Many of the Dark Angel team were supposed to come over from all over the world for our small get-together this week. It was supposed to be our first gathering since the album was produced but, well, things went tits up.

I decided to play Tomb Raider: Chronicles live on Twitch, Facebook and Youtube. The stream will be on May 27 7PM UK time and you can set a reminder on the platform of your choice:







Chronicles is the game that actually got me into the franchise but I haven't played it in years so that should be fun... Hope to see some of you there!


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