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Default Trying to find level collision

Hello. I'm from the LCGOL discord primarily used for speedrunning. I've used this forum quite a bit but have never posted and have found such great tools made by this community. Specifically those made for Tomb Raider: Underworld. I've held off making this thread for weeks because it would be rude asking for help when I haven't tried looking myself.

(for posterity)
Using UnpackTRU_3.97 I was able to extract LCGOL's files. This great program allowed me to find models, textures, and sound. It seems UnpackTRU has some converting functions because it extracted and converted a lot (if not all) of the DRM files. I looked into many of these files but at a last ditch attempt I converted some DRM files myself using Gh0stBlade's cdcEngineTools v1.4 because v1.5 wasn't working. I viewed the models in Noesis using Gh0stBlade's TRU plugin fmt_TR8_mesh_2_4 found on this same forum. Some models still couldn't be opened and at line 219 of that plugin there is a fix. I let Gh0stBlade know that it works. However, even after all of this and looking through so many models I could not find any hint of collision. UnpackTRU gave 172 .SCENE files of varying sizes (1KB to 15MB). I do not have the source code for UnpackTRU so I don't know where these files came from or if they're actually collision related.

I have found models that would be used in a level editor (as entity models) and some models seem to be missing their floors. Does this game have brushes like the Source engine? I don't know. UnpackTRU extracts lightmapped models that hints at baked lighting.

Either way I'd like to ask for assistance if anyone knows where the collision is stored in this game. I'm currently learning how to reverse engineer but am a complete noob and progress is slow.

I would appreciate any help on the subject.

Thank you.
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