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Isn't the Soundcloud and Remastered AoD the same as the Abbey Road Mixes?

According to Music of Tomb raider they're virtually identical
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I bought a copy
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Arrived this morning!
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Looks wonderful
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The "Will Covid 19 Affect My parcel" Update

We received a couple of enquiries from you about Covid 19 (AKA Coronavirus) and whether the shipments will be held due to some countries being on the lockdown.

We just received a word from our DHL account manager that:

"We are still delivering to all countries even Italy, its business as usual."

All up-to-date info on DHL services can be found here by the way:


Hope this is putting all of you at ease

Many of you already received your packages, if you have - we'd appreciate a picture and a tag on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Those of you who haven't received, as before - we're working on getting all the orders to you ASAP. Please refrain from contacting us per individual order updates.

I just been diagnosed with pneumonia (nothing to do with Corona) so Ash is currently on his own packing and shipping all the orders AND answering all the questions so only contact us if it's something urgent (eg change of address) as this can slow him down.

We are now shipping orders WEEKLY instead of monthly so we're working to get these to you as soon as possible!

In other news:

Ash and Terenete are working on an unboxing video for our CD:


This will be posted on our Facebook and Twitter as always:



ICYM, here's the vinyl video:



Backers Dinner
As we're now in March we want to remind you all to mark yourselves as "attending" if you're interested in joining us for some food in May. We are NOT charging any money for tickets, just pay for own food. If we won't receive enough interest (which is understandable due to current global situation) we might've to cancel it and keep it a team-only event at, potentially, Ash's home (he will probably read this and be like WTF!?)

Our backer group (which is open to both Kickstarter backers and those who ordered anything from shop.trdarkangel.com) is here:


Make sure to enter your email as we want to keep this group exclusive to those who supported us financially.




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Hey! Iíve been asleep for 203 years! Can I buy this digitally? I would meander through this thread but I donít want to waste my time if someone could just tell me now !
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Default @^

Yup, here's a direct link to the digital download.
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Good afternoon raiders,

Ash is here with your latest update.

DHL COVID-19 Customer Service Update

As of 20th March, 2020

It is business as usual across all of DHL departments. This means there should not be any delays in deliveries. DHL is still delivering even to locked down countries.

However, there may be a short delay in answering your call. This means that where possible, please use the following online services:


The latter applies if you have a question about your delivery etc.

Unless situation changes we will not be making anymore updates on this. You can read uptodate info on DHL's website here:


As Peter is still in self-isolation due to pneumonia Iím currently packing and sending 50 parcels twice a week (making it 100 per week) all by myself.

However, I ask for your help. Before I do that though I want to explain the whole situation.

I am currently off sick from my fulltime work due to change of meds. When we started this project there were multiple difficulties that were caused to us by certain individuals. This was rather disappointing considering the amount of support we gave them in the past. I will not be going into details. Anyhow, this has crippled my mental wellbeing and a couple of years ago. I was prescribed anti-depressants which helped me for a while but recently they were causing more damage than good. As such, I was issued with different meds and my brain is having difficulties adjusting to them. As a result, my doctor issued me with a sick note, so I take next two weeks resting and recovering from side-effects.

I still aim to ship at least 100 packages per week though as packaging is something I enjoy doing as I love seeing all the pics and unboxing vids you lot are creating <3

BUT, here is where I need your help:

1. Please refrain from emailing or messaging (Facebook, twitter, DMs, Kickstarter messenger) unless itís something to do with change of address. I am working as fast and hard as I physically can and I canít issue individual updates on your orders.

2. If you need to change your address please EMAIL ash@peterconnelly.com . Only send one email, I am checking them regularly. There is no need to message us on Facebook, Twitter, Kickstarter etc. Email is the first thing I check.

3. If you made a purchase via our shop and you did not receive it with your kickstarter order Ė donít panic. This is normal. Even if you already received your kickstarter order but not the shop order. I am prioritising Kickstarter backlog now. You will receive your shop order later.

4. (optional) send me gifs of dogs on Twitter.

This will ensure my spending less time doing admin/cs stuff and focus more on packaging making me work faster and more efficient.

Thank you all once again for your support and patience.

PS. Thoughts with all our backers and team members (Dean/Terenete) in Croatia. Zagreb was hit by a very powerful earthquake the other day.

Please be safe.



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