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Originally Posted by pdr60 View Post
Finished it yesterday and it was allot of fun. Really enjoyed it. This is much better entertainment than any tv show. I haven't watched TV in months. I've just downloaded the third one, Shadow, and it looks amazing in all the media videos I've seen. Looks like I'll be busy for a while.
Good to know! Always nice to see fresh blood loving the series bit by bit

Originally Posted by SnatchingEdges View Post
I think TR2013 is the most solid in the trilogy in comparison, even if the tombs are really lacking. But yesterday I played up to the wolf battles and damn, I didn't remember it so intense. The whole introduction is definetely the best in the saga.
Agreed! I think I never ever really get tired of the first hours of the game. I want to die until I get out of Helgen in Skyrim for example but I really enjoy the intro to Tomb Raider.
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