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Originally Posted by CircusBabysGal View Post
the beta intro overall looked slightly different
even he song is a bit different, it kinda has a mario kart vibe there !

The necklace between her boobs is too much lol, glad they changed it.

And I love the ending where she points her guns at different directions !
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That opening is iconic for all the wrong reasons. I enjoy it now looking back but the first time I saw it I honest to god thought 'jesus, what am I going to be playing here?' It gave off such cheesy, arcade vibes.
... in my opinion.
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"Can we all agree that Legend has the worst opening in the history of franchise?"

Same thread, exact opposite sentiment lol
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always makes me sad lau never got a full soundtrack release. so many good tracks buried forever in cutscenes
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What I'd pay to have a fraction of this campy, over the top, fun portrayal of Lara Croft.
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