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Originally Posted by Tremolo View Post
Yeah, people can be very irritating sometimes.

Anyway, there was a schedule of unreleased changes. There wasn't much else to report, I guess.

My new guess is: Woops was hired by Aspyr for the future remastering of Tomb Raider 4 and 5.
Originally Posted by AimlessThunder View Post
We can only hope!
He probably was. Here is an easter egg that mentions him:

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Originally Posted by shanqz View Post
He probably was. Here is an easter egg that mentions him:
I was hoping for someone to also notice it!
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Tbh this has more tweaks than the remasters (not graphics related). I hope he joined the party. I'm most hyped for a TR4 remaster.

It was already the best looking classic TR game. Less blocky than others, so it has more chance to look like a modern game with graphics updates.

Imagine Angkor Wat, Alexandria... Damn. I can't wait and I hope it's happening.
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