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Originally Posted by redfox45 View Post
That's not why she got the 2 week ban. At the start of her last stream of TR2 somebody asked her a leading question about LGBT people which sent her into a 20 minute tyrade about how it isn't real, it's a sickness, they need jesus, it's an abomination, y'know all the usual stuff.

I can say that with certainty cos i'm one of the sneaky scumbags who reported her for it
What a low down thing to do she was asking for it though.
I've been called a "Mel-simp" a few times on this forum for merely posting her Youtube videos when they relate to TR - if anything, I'm more of a (classic) TR simp.

But I can't imagine anything more laughable, sad, and pathetic than someone who hates "Melonie-The-Quartering-Mac" but actually sits through her Twitch streams in an attempt to find something to report.

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Aspyr is really doing great lately. First the TR remasters and now this.

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I sank some serious hours into Battlefront II back in my teen years.

That was the first game I ever owned on multiple consoles, and it played differently on all of them.

On PSP; the AI would select the hero power up during galactic conquest mode, and it would use them against you in maps. I actually found the AI to be better in this version, funny enough it being on the handheld.

On PS2; better graphics and had the campaign mode. Memories of when a campaign was truly challenging. There was one mission on Naboo I remember being quite difficult.

On PC; oh the fun modding this game.
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Happy leap day.
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