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Originally Posted by TR-Freak View Post
There was a rumor that the Reverb was implemented for old SoundBlaster sound cards.
That would be me. I don't know why but I have memories of the audio changing depending on where you were, like outside areas didn't have reverb, and inside areas had it, and I was amazed because it was an old computer, but it was also affecting music... So I guess it had presets like nowadays' computers, I played with them (and don't remember it) and was amazed it could do reverb at all and my brain mixed things up.
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My level has an autosave failed! in red the bottom and Idk what to do. It won't save now. When I open a copy it fails to open. Error says when I try to save, "the given key is not present in the dictionary". Any solution?
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Dunno if you were "messing" with imported geometry, but sometimes this causes a crash. Unfortunately there is no way to retrieve your files... but hopefully you have automatic backups

This happened to me a few times too
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LOVE tomb editor. thank you so much for this program.
a question..
im trying to make an animation using textures that is basically the texture looping vertically. i could do it in the original TRLE (ngle) but not sure how it works in tomb editor.... ... anyone pleeaseee help?

(that is,the animation generator always tries to include the texures surrounding the texture i actually want to pan vertically)

EDIT : found a bug in tomb editor.. if you cancel the build operation its impossible to exit the BUILD CANCELLED pop up window forcing you to quit the Tomb editor through task manager.
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I did have a backup! Luckily. I just worked around the error. I think it ha something to do with deleting texture files.

Is this a TE thing where I have to place a flipeffect for a audio with a oneshot first in order for it not to loop?
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Trying to do some dry to water flipmap rooms and TBF I've completely forgotten the standard rules when using them.
No error messages came up, so I assumed all was OK.

Basically I accidentally put sinks in the dry version of the room, so lazily added the flipmap after - seems all the triggers were still there, so maybe it will still work IDK

Need to read the manual again - always hated using flipmaps, always have trouble with them
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