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The lion refers to the Nephlim prophecy of their return to glory. Eckhardt fancies himself as the lion referred to by the Nephilim and so do the Lux Veritatis apparently as they made damn sure the Periapt Shards could kill Eckhardt before he brings back the Nephilim or worse.

According the Murti, one of the original ideas was for Karel to ultimately be this lion figure after transcending some plane of existence a.la Stargate SG-1.

The lion also appears in The Lost Domain level right before entering Eckhardt's Lab as the symbol used for Eckhardt's sigil or whatever. Though that level had been moved and merged from planned Germany/Turkey levels and thrown together at the end of Prague.

Ironic, considering Aslan is a Lion depicted as a form of God in the Narnia saga and Mufasa was essentially God in Lion King.
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