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Default Extra Secret in Desert Railroad

Hi all

Surely this must have been noticed before, but I don't recall any discussion about it, so.....

Has anyone noticed that if you grab the small medipack secret in the first car, use the crowbar to detach the other cars, and reenter the secret alcove you can pick up an extra secret chime and it will be added to the statistics?

I just remembered doing this and tried it out again - it definitely works!

Let me know, fam

- Jack
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Is it a case of the chime and the secret item being picked up, adds one secret to the end stastistics.

Or can just the chime add another secret to the end stastistics?

So after you did all this, did you play right through to the end of game picking up all the secrets to prove that another secret was added, and what was your final amount of secrets, so it can be compared to the actual known amount of secrets in the game which according to Stella's walkthrough is a total of 70 secrets for the whole game.

I have never personally tried to find every secret, as I was just happy to get through to the end of such a long game
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This is second extra secret from ones I know. You can also get one messing with that place, yet I don't remember exact actions you need to perform. Maybe I should play this place again.

One of disadvantages regarding 'new style' menu from TR IV and V is that you can't see how many secrets level have and you forced to use guides.
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Secret doubling is a known peculiarity of TR4. The usual way is in interconnected levels, when you leave the level and then come back the secret triggers reset.
The other way is like the one in the OP, I didn't know about that one but I found examples for this in custom levels, is when the secret is in a room with flipmap, and the secret trigger is present in both versions of the room.
For both it is necessary that the secret trigger isn't tied to a pickup, just activated by stepping on a certain tile.
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Is it actually possible to get all the secrets in the game though? The level with the senate board game (Tomb of Semerkhet) will have different paths depending on if you win or not, and I'm pretty sure you can miss secrets depending on that. I just replayed it recently and lost on purpose because if I recall there are more secrets in the losing path than the winning one.
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All the secrets are in the losing path, any secrets you can access in the winning path can also be accessed in the losing path.
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This is known (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frR7zqqX-9Q) although I can't say I've looked into it at all.
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