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So excited for this. It looks amazing.
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These screens are perfect and the design of the rooms too.
I also really like the news objects.
Great job.
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Looking excellent - would love to give it a go when you've finished!
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Wow, incredibly beautiful screenshots. The third one is especially droolworthy,
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This looks so great!
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DJ Full
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I've totally missed all those news but nevermind, I'm up to date again . I always loved Steampunk theme and the package that has been definitely underused and forgotten by the majority. We only got Varaldun in between, so I really can't wait for another leap into this world. Especially because it's mixed with even more forgotten Palace set someone finally managed to notice and utilize. Finally, the setting is really bright and welcoming on the contrary to lots of darkness and pollution given in the still great former BtB competition. All of the above combined make this project my most anticipated one. The only thing that disturbs me is the title change, because when something is given an own name, it stops to be mysterious - but the whole rest is great for me
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