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It doesn't have to be strictly 1 hour long either, it's kinda relative. That 1 hour is more of a guideline. If you as a builder can complete your level in about 35-40 minutes, players will definitely take longer and will be about an hour long, but it could take even longer if your level is more complex. If I remember right, that guideline is in place, because some BtB levels in previous competitions were extremely long and took 3-4 hours to complete, which is a bit too much. By the way, my first level was a BtB level and it ended up to be quite short and easy, but that was still okay. It's a learning experience
Plus, there's an extra month to build this time! We used to have 4 months for building and testing, now it's 5 months.
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The package is done but we are all waiting for michael to release everything to us </3
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im literally shakng omg
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