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Soma Holiday
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Originally Posted by The Great Chi View Post
Unfortunately like a lot of ex-photobucket members that left after the photobucket fiasco asking for a fortune to be a member, I have had all my pictures and album deleted when I left photobucket, and so I do not have the buried AOD model pictures anymore.

I am too lazy at the moment, to fly cheat into Legend (Peru) and get some more pics

Maybe someone else feels up to the challenge or can find a better picture

I did a google search, and this is the best I could find, pity its not a very good picture.......

Wait, thats her in black? Wow so random! Never heard about this haha I wonder who, why, or how she got there.
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Here's a video of the buried Lara model in the flashback level.

It's possible to extract it with a little work, here's a picture of it. Dunno whose picture it is.
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I like the model, but that braid/ponytail looks kinda weird.
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I guess those models were put there in some of the early testing phases. Before they made Legend Lara we all know and love they made many hybrid models that were somewhere between AOD and Legend Lara. Probably also many hybrid models of younger 20ish year old Lara. Maybe this was for comparison between their final model of younger Lara and others. Or maybe that model was meant to be used in a cutscene, or even as a vindictive easter egg of dead and buried "emo" Lara.
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i really like it's art direction, but she looks so simlish lmao
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