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Default Advertising in space could be coming to our dystopian world

A company called StarRocket is planning a new form of advertising meant to penetrate a truly global marketplace: space.

One of their first advertisers could be Pepsi in a truly bizarre advertising campaign meant to smash stereotypes around gamers.

PepsiCo reportedly would use StartRocket’s tech to launch an ad for Adrenaline Rush, an energy drink aimed at the Russian gamer market. A recent YouTube “manifesto”—PepsiCo’s words, not ours—about the product combats the idea that video games are for children, calling that “the most unfair stereotype of the century.” A press release for Adrenaline Rush explains that “the time has come for change: It’s time to say ‘Stop’ to the disrespect and misunderstanding of gaming culture, to get rid of unfair stereotypes.” The stereotypes in question, apparently, are that gamers are toxic, unemployed children.

If you had any doubts we were living in a dystopian future, here you go.

You will be missed Spong.

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I love how Pepsi are trying to say they're doing it to help destroy stereotypes...... That they're just being socially conscious defending the little guy. lmao.

And not to trying and make it acceptible to do this so that they can then blast us with ads in the sky for fizzy drinks 24/7.

Just imagine working there and knowing that you're trying to destroy the beauty of the sky / heavens in order to sell more drinks.

You must have to hand in your soul when you arrive at work and then collect it back as you leave.
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This is one of those things that sounds so ridiculously sci-fi I can't see it being feasible, let alone allowed.

"The most unfair stereotype of the Century" is laughably overdramatic and flat out not true, but it is still a stereotype and I don't see how it's "dystopian" to address it. I'm kind of over people having a selective attitude in what stereotypes they care to break down, and which they think are justified, depending on what's convenient for their political stance.
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Originally Posted by Blackmoor View Post
Just imagine working there and knowing that you're trying to destroy the beauty of the sky / heavens in order to sell more drinks.
But they are destroying it for a good cause!
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