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Default The General Tech & Smartphone Thread

So I haven't seen a thread like this around the forums and aim quite passionate about tech and smartphones that I thought a thread would be perfect. Now I'm not particularly a tech expert, I do know a lot of things, but this topic just really interests me and I thought, why not have something different going on.

So Samsung just revealed the Samsung Galaxy Fold, nearly $2000 for this.

Imo I honestly think this is pretty cool and the best implementation of foldable screens. I can imagine myself using the closed part of it for phone calls and using the open part of it for all my media consumption.

I think something like this really would make tablets kinda unnecessary.

Link: https://youtu.be/x4yF3a3Zn4Y
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Galaxy Tab looks sorta cool. Price point? Absurd. Its hinge doesnt fold out flat from what Ive read. Overrated imo.

I bought a Motorola Moto X4 over a year ago for $300, on my pre-paid Verizon plan. Ive enjoyed how much money I've saved until I decide to get a nicer phone. Heck, Ive considered a flip phone.
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