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I've heard so many times that the book is "rare" and is worth a "fortune" when a quick search on Ebay has the first three books listed in prices ranges around $40-$60

Nah. I only brought up Madonna because she and Kim K have a bunch in common. And for you to make fun of Kim for the same reason Madonna can be made fun of makes no sense. Lmao.
Shipping out fresh meat will incite territorial rages again
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*Kim gets famous off a sex tape*

Kim Kardashian is a skank! Living off sex tape money and her parents!

*Kim begins making products and building an empire*

Kim Kardashian is talentless and has no career outside of being a Kardashian!

*Kim attempts a ‘respectable’ career*

A lawyer? This skank can’t be a lawyer because she made a sex tape once!!1

Damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t. I have never had a problem with Kim or her family. They just ride the wave of being famous, which most would do if they had the chance. Now she is trying to do something better with her life, and people are still being jerks about it.
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