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Originally Posted by VictorXD View Post
I wouldn't say it doesn't fit, but I do see a clash of styles. Also I think it has mostly to do with the fact we are used to seeing AOD Lara in AOD gear, which is perfect for the model.

I do agree she looks better with darker clothes but I think for me that is just a general rule. I've always thought 90% of people look more attractive wearing black or dark tones.

Can't deny though, I love that edit. The most gorgeous Lara face with my favourite Lara outfit

What exactly is wrong with the standard values?
The shotgun was clearly ment to be loaded 1 shell at a time since you get 6 shotgun ammo from a pickup but you onlu use 1 to reload.
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Default Does anyone kn

Does anyone still have the latest click4dylan fixes?

I think in his latest releases he has fixed the speed.

The executable name is TRAOD_P4_allfixes+gripspeed.zip
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Hi everyone!! Now I finally have a fact to tell you. The reason why AOD was "rushed" as it obviously wasn't even properly finished is because things got way to terribly crazy with Core Design from 2003 within that period as much as now I finally see that I'll finally know what to make sure that I'll always believe in every single day. Now finally regardless, I totally believe & absolutely expect for AOD to get remastered from Eidos Montreal or Crystal Dynamics to the point that all of you fans really need to realize that TR6AOD obviously litterally became a true survivor to the point that it totally deserves to take all of these meds so it finally deserves to get properly finished like I know what the game deserves to have especially for Murti Schofield literally finish writing on what's out there within the story for AOD out of the rest of the trilogy!! So now as for the rest of the trilogy, forget about it because I know it's obvious that 1st of all Jonell Lee Elliott no longer wants the attention to the public spotlight which I absolutely understand that she got tired of taking the attention to the public spotlight out there even especially she was a tv host to the point that it's now finally okay with me that she no longer wants to take any of the attention to the public spotlight anymore. and 2nd of all, it's even also obvious that I understand that received the message that Angelina Jolie doesn't even want to portray a 3rd Tomb Raider movie from Tomb Raider 2 the cradle of life To the point that it's totally obvious that I understand what the whole story is about the Tomb Raider franchise. So no!! I understand it's not gonna happen all because I understand exactly what one of you guys have said from the previous post messages as much as it I guess requires for marketing and whatever else you have to do once you're especially working on a video game franchise. And Now I know that TR6AOD is absolutely the 1 & only Tomb Raider game that deserves to get a remaster because it's obviously a true survivor as much as Lara especially deserve to take all of these types of meds to heal her story down instead of this poor AOD Lara to suffer with so much terrible pains out there which is the poor controls along with everything else that I understand that it obviously especially wasn't very properly finished all because that Eidos Interactive have did NOTHING BUT TO STAB AOD RIGHT IN THE BACK FROM RUSHING THAT GAME RIGHT OUT OF THE DOOR FROM CORE DESIGN FOR NO STUPID REASON to the point that I obviously now do see that all of these hidden secrets out there finally deserves to owe me all of that!! I have to find answers!! I need to understand.
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