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Originally Posted by Sardoc View Post
So are the templates (included in the opening post) the original scripts for TR2 and 3?
Not exactly. I extracted them for do a recreation, using the same syntaxes that original TR2 Gameflow for PC by Core Design. For TR3 I adapted the syntaxes for the TR3 items names. Later, I compiled the recreations and I checked them byte to byte with the original *.dat files for get a 100% equals copy. Finally, I did some fixes, that I commented in the scripts *.txt files. TR2 Scripts can be compiled for PC with the original tool by Core or with my program, the result is the same.

I attached with the program a template file with all the reserved words as reference for can create custom scripts

Working in TR1 & TR2 Translations.
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Originally Posted by disapearing-boy View Post
^^ I assume this can be used to modify TR2/3 levels as well as custom levels for those engines (I've never used unoffical editors so I don't know if script editing was possible for those games). It sounds like you could Mod the Playstation (emulated) versions as well?? If you can then that's a breakthrough.

So for example you could change Lara's starting animation (like waking up/examining the dagger) or you could changed the bonus for collecting all secrets, the names for key items, what image to load for the loadscreen ect...

Hi today with the update of the tomb editor to version 1.5 it is possible to recreate the titles tr1, tr2, tr3 I wonder what is the script to set the number of secrets and the one to not show the list of levels in case you want to do more thanks levels
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